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  1. jyotixxx

    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    Corona virus has already crossed 900 deaths and surpassed SARS outbreak in 2003. Possibly it is in deadliest form of disease anyone has seen in the past few decades. China, despite being rich in medical infrastructure has been no match and nowhere near any hope of restraining it. Official...
  2. jyotixxx

    Does Any broker here allows grouping of positions?

    Hi, Does any broker's trading platform/ web platform has option to group open positions as per user requirement? Example : A normal open position window shows all positions and cumulative gains/or losses per script, Say I traded Script A qty 50 and present positions -30 pts loss Script B...
  3. jyotixxx

    Axis Direct Rs 20 per order ( Though With Some Conditions)

    It's seems very soon all the the big players are going to jump in to this game! Axis Direct announces Rs 20/ Per order with some conditions!
  4. jyotixxx

    List of Good Finance sites

    :) Trading is a never ending journey to learn new things. Traderji is guru of all forums. Other best sites Moneycontrol CNN Money Yahoo Finance Moneyfed Any other recommended?
  5. jyotixxx

    Beware of first charting

    BEWARE of FIRSTCHARTING Guys plz stay away from FC. All FC users keeps suffering data drop and server problems. Take example of today. Till 11.30 FC was offline. All customer care mobiles were switched off. Once it was online post noon data gap was there. Same has not been rectified till...
  6. jyotixxx

    An Idiot's Option Trading strategy : Please bear with me

    With all due respect @AW10 @Danpickup @Smart Trade and all Traderji Gurus Please bear with me. Moderators please let the thread alive for few weeks. It's...
  7. jyotixxx

    Is there any broker, platform or software that allows two orders from one trigger?

    Hi fellas, Just wondering if there is something like one stoploss on one leg of a spread triggers both legs. For example:: Date 26 July Nifty future sold @5080 sl at 5115 Nifty call 5200 @51 Date 27 July Gap up open. Future opens at 5150 SL gets triggered and future gets exec @ 5155, At...