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    Limited Scrutiny Notice

    hi Friends, I've received limited scrutiny notice for AY 2015-16. I had filed losses for the year in FnO segment. While i'm NOT scared or panicking about this as I've done the filing through a good CA, just wanted to know if any of you have had gone through this experience before. do...
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    Best way to invest in Gold - Advice required

    Gold investment options for long term: 1. Gold ETF. 2. Gold MCX futures - will rolling over each month. 3. Physical Gold coins/bars. Issues: 1. ETFs supposedly invest in physical gold. But, this looks shady. Esp Bank of nova scotia being the custodian for ETFs in India. There seems to be...
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    Sub-prime crisis - Banknifty IEOD data request

    Dear Friends, Iam trying to backtest (visually) the effect of trading strategy during crisis. I need 60m data for BANKNIFTY for the month Jan 2008 , Jun 2008 and Oct 2008. you can provide data for 60m in the form of : csv OR ​screenshot (candle charts enough) many thanks in...
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    Income from portfolio

    Hello Friends: Over period of time, i have accumulated some shares [only nifty 50 stocks] in my demat and these are now worth 2,25,000 [cost 205,000]. This accumulation is an ongoing process. Broker : Zerodha Demat : ILFS Pledging of shares allowed. PLAN: i wish to use these shares in my...
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    Stock picking dilemma

    Friends, As part of Long term investment purpose, there are stocks that you want to have on your portfolio... Some of the stocks are hard to ignore....a few like ITC, Mcdowell seem to create conflict of interest.... Meaning, these business sell cigarettes, liquor to make money and it may not...
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    Strategy builder in Java

    Hello, Iam trying to write a trading strategy in Java. I do not have any knowledge of it. Is there a easy to use software that'll help me do it? Google did not help. Hence this thread. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks very much.
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    RELCAPITAL CE 460 short ....your views please

    Hello Traders, Have a short position on RELCAPITAL CE460 strike around rs.21. with this evening announcement of FDI hike in insurance, RELCAPITAL is likely to benefit. how do you think the stock would react tomorrow? Circuit? thanks,
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    NIFTY 50 EOD bcpy

    Hello Friends, Spent some time on the nse website but still could not find solution to my problem, hence seeking your advice : Need EOD bhavcopy of the nifty 50 stocks only. Historical data too is required. Nse website has bhavcopy for ALL the stocks, and then there is security wise...
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    Writing trade strategy in Java

    Thread submitted after extensive google search. is there a simple software that would convert my simple trading system [based on candlestick parameters] into java? have basic knowledge [3/10] of c,c++....that's it. iam more of a trader than a programmer, but is there a software that can...
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    Hello Traders, Wanted to know if traders from Pune are active here....if yes, how would you like to meet and discuss trading? ***this is just an attempt to meet like minded traders. do not use this opportunity to solicit business****
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    Ubuntu 10.10

    Installed Ubuntu on my system. like it very much. Want to install RKglobal's ODIN on ubuntu so that i can give my windows xp a rest. searched this forum+ google before posting. please help. thanks.
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    Shortlisted - please just help finalize

    Hello members, Based on extensive googling and discussion with few friends, i've shortlisted the following companies for Medical Insurance. Kindly share your view on which one to pick. much appreciated for your time. a) bajaj allianz b) max bupa c) apollo munich any form of...
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    Hi, Attached is the screenshot of my DEMO account statement. Some are self-explanatory while others are not so easy to understand. Google search did not explain clearly. Forex experts, please explain [in plain English] what the terms of the highlighted box mean. I understand the...
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    Hello experts, Is there a way to have a beep sound every 15 mins in PC clock? Want this, so as to have a alert to take a look at chart candle closing. thanks,
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    has anyone tried the gostx trading ? they seem to offer trading % of profits if you are successful in the trial trading period. anyone who done this before, pl submit your review. any similar sites/offers? thanks.
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    hello, where can i learn mql4 from basics to advanced programming. I do have some programming knowledge [did C,C++ a while back]. thanks,
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    Date - Thursday, July 29, 2010. Time 11:15am IST. COPPER LONG opportunities: 1st LONG @ 333.70 tgt - 334.85; SL - 333.15 2nd LONG @ 331.85 tgt - 333.85; SL - 331.30 30M candle close below 331.30 bearish. books loss and initiate reverse trade...
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    Arbitrage - Training

    want to learn arbitrage in equity and commodities. Mumbai + Pune? any help wld be great. Just want to learn. No placement expectation. google search did not help much - mostly dead links. Any specific address/contact number would be great. Just Arbitrage as a standalone course...
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    I am a commodity trader. I trade for a living. No other job. Been in the market for 7 years. Commodity - for 2 years. Trade using charts. Pure intraday. Stumbled upon this forum through google search. good to be here. thanks,