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    You Tube Treasure to improve trading skill

    Hi guys ! All of us know that there are thousands of videos available in You Tube and they are real treasure to develop and improve trading skills. Since the collection is very vast,it is literally impossible to scan all important videos. Traderji forum members who have stumbled upon interesting...
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    Professional Trader in Derivatives

    Hi to everyone! I would like to start discussions with professional traders,who does full time trading,using strategies developed by himself and not subscribing to any tips or recommendations.Since I too happen to be one of them,I welcome like minded people to share their experiences,so that all...
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    Trading as a business

    Hi to all members of TJ... The main purpose of starting this thread is to make investors and traders aware of certain fundamentals which would go in a long way to make excellent profits consistently. I invite members to share their views and make this thread better.. 1.It should be understood...
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    Shares auction

    Hi !to all in the Forum... I am interested in knowing about Shares Auction and how does it work,how to participate in it as a retail investor... I would appreciate and be thankful if senior members like SG help me..:)
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    Lowest online brokerage

    I am starting a new thread for sharing information on lowest online brokerage charged by various brokerage houses.Hope this would benifit online commodity traders.Welcome all!:)
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    Stock futures hedging

    I am starting a new Thread -- STOCK FUTURES HEDGING.I invite all members to share their techniques,views and ideas for the benifit of all !Happy Trading !:):thumb:
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    Taxation on stock lending income

    Can I get clearification on the taxation impact on the income earned from lending of my equity shares.Can it be adjusted against short term capital gain/loss for the same financial year? Appropriate rulings regarding the above may be please quoted.Thanks to all forum members.....:)
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    Nse currency derivatives trading

    I am starting a new thread exclusively for NSE Currency Derivatives.Friends can share their views and ideas.To begin with,does anyone fom the Forum have idea regarding the Broker or Trading House providing online trading facility for individual traders in NSE currency Derivatives.
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    Option assignment

    Can we have a discussion in detail regarding Option Assignment and how is it done.,for the benifit of all members .....
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    Bse futures & options

    I invite members trading online in BSE - Futures and Options,to share their xperiences for he benifit of all ! Good Luck !
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    Offmarket orders

    Most of the Online Trading service providers give facility for placing Offmarket orders wherein the order enters the exchange on the following trading day as soon as the market opens.But mostly,the order neither gets executed on the given price nor it allows us to modify/cancel Manytimes the...
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    Trailing stoploss

    Which online brokerage gives the facility of placing Trailing Stoploss,--wherein there is no need to modify frequently and the system does it automatically till end of day/or cancelled.
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    Option premium settlement

    Dear Friends, suppose I have SOLD a Call Option 260 of HUL @Rs.8.00 and on Expiry day HUL closes at 275 in Cash and the Option is NOT exercised by the Buyer,what will be the debit from my account?I have seen the NSE website,but would be thankful if I can get answer for the above example.