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  1. r.amvarman

    Full-time traders from Chennai?

    Need to lobby to reduce stamp duty in TN. guys give some lead on this...
  2. r.amvarman

    Full-time traders from Chennai?

    Hi, Me too in Chennai, Full-time trader since 2014. please inform me for your next meet up.
  3. r.amvarman

    Algo Trading @MasterTrust

    @Puneeth,Master Trust. Is it possible to have Bracket Order Facility with SL-L entry, I use Bracket order given by NEST in which I can place only LIMIT order TYPE. I want to enter trade with SL-L or SL-M which is not possible with NEST. Do you provide this facility? or Is it...
  4. r.amvarman

    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    Its really amazing that I get Reply from Expert Like you, After earning sizable amount from Investing in stock market for 10 years I quite My Engineering job 2 years back to become Full time trader. But I have very little idea about Programmes, Backtesting, I've been testing with...
  5. r.amvarman

    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    Dear Friends, I am very much new to AMIbroker. I have been in a search of an AFL like below concept which I have been trading in the past 18 months. I need to backtest,finetune, improve etc.etc... My trading revolve around round numbers in Nifty like 7000, 7050,7100. Example : In a downtrend...
  6. r.amvarman

    Pure play psar for nf and bnf.

    Hello all, I tried Backtesting PSAR (0.02,0.2) for below inputs. 1.NIFTY 2 Hrs.(Profit 85%, largest profit 500, largest loss 75) 2.BNF 4 hrs. (profit 67% largest profit -1758, largest loss-638) It gave me very good result for 120 days (using Pi - I dont have Amibroker to test beyond 120...
  7. r.amvarman

    accounting and audit cost

    Smart, could you be suggest some CA in Chennai?
  8. r.amvarman

    General Trading Chat

    Could someone please share your views about PSAR 0.02 for BNF or NF 1 hr(or 2hr, 4 hr) chart? PS:I don't have amibroker to backtest. I tried in PI but only 2 months data is available. It would be grateful to you if you share your views..please
  9. r.amvarman

    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    I don't know where to post the below question in traderji, could you pls help me out at which category i should post the below question? "Does any one have backtested result for PSAR (0. 02) crossover on BNF 1 hr? for atleast one year" please share your view on results"
  10. r.amvarman

    daSARa system

    Dear Mr.AuguBhai, could you please show me the link where daSARa system explained in detail? I searched but could not find, Moreover it would be grateful to you if you share what are the systems (Like ORB,Supertrend) that you are currently following? I have only 6 months experience in...
  11. r.amvarman

    learning Intraday

    Hi, Varman from Chennai, I am being in share Market for the last 8 years. holding B.E and CFA. I am successful so far in investing but Intraday a big zero. I am here to learn Intraday. I hope i can get that here...