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  1. amitrandive

    Option Buying or Selling

    Dear All In Intraday option prices and IV vary drastically. Other than IV which are the other parameters to decide whether to buy and option or to sell an option,especially in Intraday? Some basics covered here,do not discuss more details...
  2. amitrandive

    Algo Trading Profitablility

    Dear All Most Brokers urging Clients to go the Algo Trading way.Many of us starting to feel that Algo is the perfect way to go and it is the future. Recently came across this article in my weekend reading about Algo trading. Written by Shrinivas Viswanath, founder, RKSV,
  3. amitrandive

    Best Mobile App for Markets

    Dear All Which is the best Mobile App available for Indian Markets? Preferably streaming quotes,charts(Intraday,EOD),option chain for Indices and stocks
  4. amitrandive

    "#" to be used for pasting codes

    Dear Moderators Please make it compulsory to paste codes in "#" . This saves a lot of space in the thread and helps to prevent scrolling in super long codes. Ideally the poster should get some kind of light warning or the post should be deleted with a PM to the poster or anyother thing...
  5. amitrandive

    Subscribed threads list lost

    Dear Sirs I had subscribed to atleast more than 100 threads in Traderji. Today(12/4/2016) when I opened Traderji ,there were zero subscribed threads in my list and hence I did not receive any notifications in mail regarding new posts. I have started to subscribe to the entire list...
  6. amitrandive

    Range bound Analysis

    Dear All Can we have a range bound analysis of stocks exploration similar to one shown in the image in Amibroker? Tried something like this ,not getting correct results. _SECTION_BEGIN("Sideway Filter"); sp = Param( "Period", 2, 2, 100 )...
  7. amitrandive

    Mutual Funds NAV historical charts

    Dear All Is there any website which provides Mutual Funds NAV historical charts ?
  8. amitrandive

    EOD data of all BSE Indices in Amibroker Format

    Dear All Where can I get EOD data of all BSE Indices ready to be imported to Amibroker since inception or even minimum 6 to 10 years ? Can anyone upload this if they have in Amibroker format if possible ?
  9. amitrandive

    Relative Performance Exploration

    Dear All, I want to have an exploration for the Relative performance of any or a group of stocks as compared to an Index(Nifty or BankNifty or any sectoral Indices) on any time frame.(Also includes any date range) I am using the relative performance code below taken from...
  10. amitrandive

    BSE Indices Historical data

    Dear All Where can I get EOD data of all BSE Indices ready to be imported to Amibroker since inception or even minimum 10 years ?
  11. amitrandive

    Rtdsdata site and software not working software and website not working. Any one knows whats wrong ?
  12. amitrandive

    How to print an entire thread along with images

    Dear All I just wanted to share an experience of printing an entire thread along with all the images intact. The host servers like imgur,tinypic etc start deleting the images on their server after sometime(time unknown),the result of which is that the images from our threads disappear. We are...
  13. amitrandive

    Laptop Error help

    Dear All Sometimes ,my laptop crashes without any issue. Have taken a screen shot of the event viewer. Need advice to what is the issue. Online help directs to this page,its too technical for me to understand...
  14. amitrandive

    Monthly High Low Exploration

    Dear All I need an all Monthly high low exploration. It should progressively put "Yes" after hitting a new month high every month. At the time it hits 12 Month high it should show all the earlier columns as filled Please see image to understand Started with these lines...
  15. amitrandive

    Help required to create AFL

    Dear All Attached a screenshot from a website , need help to create the AFL Started with this,tidbits borrowed from existing AFL's Lclose= LLV(L,260); p_Change = 100 * (Close - Ref(Lclose, -1) ) / Ref(Close, -1); _SECTION_END();
  16. amitrandive

    Rules on the top of a thread posted like a sticky note on every page

    Dear Moderators I think we should have a sticky note on the top of the thread on every page ,where the general information is shared like General rules for posting in the thread Commonly used AFL locations Commonly used Excel sheet locations Commonly discussed trading rules,etc ,etc...
  17. amitrandive

    Import Data into Excel

    Hi All Can we pull data from a website to Excel(2007 or 2010) ? Example can we pull all the data of this page into excel ?
  18. amitrandive

    Free Image Editor

    Dear All Can you suggest any free image editing software? I normally use MS Paint which has very less features.
  19. amitrandive

    Option Target Calculator Online

    Dear All Is there any online option where can get the target levels for a Call or a Put ,if I enter the current price and the expected target levels for the underlying stock?
  20. amitrandive

    Adding to existing database

    Dear All I have downloaded the entire database from the post My question how can we update this existing database with bhavcopy ?