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    volatile stocks for intraday

    based on a screener from tomorrow i shall post its results at 9:16 hrs that screener may be wellknown todays result was hcl tech tata motor , mcdowelln, and escorts hul and cholafin
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    price diffrence in nifty expiry today

    today zerodha kite in charts nifty spott closing is on 9016 but in nse eod closing is 8992 why is this diffrence many traders like me traded 9000 ce bought did not sold it as nifty was trading above 9000 but ce value was going down and down where as nifty was trading atleast 10 pts above...
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    banknifty weightage

    how the weightage of banknifty or nifty is decided is it fixed percentage decided by exchange or does it changes with the marketcap of the weight of a company is decided in index. one formulae could be companys market cap*100 ---------------------------------------------- total...
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    volume based scanner for intraday

    is there any volume based screener for intaday which can send alert based on set volume means volume of a candle crosses x no. if no then is there any way to have this information in real time.means any brokers platform. i tried pi of zerodha but wen u load 50 stocks in market watch it hangs...
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    oto order type. is there any broker providing this kind of order

    oto mean one triggers the other.if one is excuted other is sent to exchange on condition that first is excuted. trader is able write a sequence of orders. and those get trigger one by one in same sequence.
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    where to complain if declared divident is not credited

    what to do if divident is not credited to ur account or not received by mail. i think many of us wud had faced this problem.
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    is anyone daytrading on 4 g connection?

    members if anyone using 4 g for trading please share ur experience. is it possible? can t his replace wired bb.
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    reliance jio fi for trading

    is any one daytrading on reliance jio fi? please share ur experience:)
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    broker for option trading

    is there any broker who provide leverage as per risk involved or may say maximum risk involved in the strategy for ex if i sell 7000 call after buying 7100 call that is sellin 98 and buying 57 then maximum i will loose is 98+57 not more that this total 155 pts so for one lot i will loose...
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    airtell landline broad band plan 599

    this plan offer 1 mb speed up to 8 gb then 512 kb will it be good for daytrading if iam trading only nifty future in market watch and 2 tf charts. airtell latency is abt 142 ms and bsnls is under 100 .
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    nifty future movements

    since the introduction of stt breakeven has gone higher and volumes have been reduced bcose. loss of volume means traders think that opportunities are lesser . i have a suggestion that minimum tick point in nifty sud be 1 like crude in the present scenerio like between 8100 and 8101 there are...
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    how to know fair price of option

    i am not able to understand the fair price of an option i request u all please let me know about this how to determine the fair price of option?
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    is there any site or software where i can see abt 8 charts at a time

    currently i m using nest plus of zt but here i can see only o ne chart at a time can anyone help. i need this facility here i m talking abt f and o charts . how abt first charting .?
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    is there any broker offering fixed brokerage like rksv in commodities

    is there any broker offering fixed brokerage like rksv in commodities?
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    how option trading is better than future or not

    pl tell me which one is good option or future options have very low breakeven as compared to future wt abt volatality and liquidity as compared to futures:confused:
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    i have a suggestion

    today our break even for niftyfuture is above 1 ptsthatis abt 100 rs suppose we are trading thru zzerodha our cost wudbe 40 rs and taxes wudbe abt 60 rs that is abt 150 percent of the cost of service provided . by any rule or logic of business and tax rules this can nothappen it is...
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    is there anyone using bsnl wimax for trading

    recently bsnl launched its wimax broadband. bsnl saying it a s 4g tech. please share ur views abt this. is it the best wireless broadband better than any 3g/ wifi etc. there are some areas where wired bb is not being given by any. user experience wud be of great help. if u have something to...
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    why 512 or mbps speed

    i am using net setter wen ever watch a video or it speed suddenly increases but while watching stocks it shows less speed. i think while trading there is not enough data per second available to flow to show good speed. so can anyone tell me watching 4 or 5 sstocks at a time using simple...
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    nifty stocks live basic charts

    hi i have seen heat map of nifty on various sites please tell me like heat map if there is basic charts of nifty stocks on a single page rt charts that wud help me a lot an for others also:clapping:
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    airtell or bsnl pl help

    airtell ppl are denying a brodband connection to me bcose of dp problem they say they dont have their dp in my area or too much distance abt 300 mtrs htough i m sitting inthe city .please suggest me other options bsnl or 3g net in my city cable broadband is provided by only airtell and bsnl...