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    Mutual Fund

    For better returns on your investment, your time horizon should be more. Ideally you should not invest in Mutual Funds for Shot duration, invest for long duration and for better returns.
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    Please advice: SIP MF

    You should invest only in Mutual Funds which follows a sound research process for listing stocks. Normally all your mutual fund investment should be done by keeping long term horizon in mind.
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    Need Advice On SIP

    Yes before investing your money you need to have your Goal sheet ready, when do you need how much money for what purpose. Based upon your goals only you can decide in which fund you should invest and for what time period.
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    Mutual funds review

    You can add Quantum Long Term Equity fund to your portfolio, for long term investment.
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    types of investors you should be wary of

    Your investment style is an extension of your personality. A calm demeanour would most probably have a conservative approach to investing and would choose safer deposits to riskier returns. This route would be in stark contrast to the path adopted by the hyper investor who takes risks hoping...
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    Investment options for salried people

    A higher income results in better savings, is a myth that causes the deterioration of many a complacent investors' finances. So to begin with let's start by busting that myth itself. Long before disposable incomes were at levels they are currently at and before consumerism took over sensible...
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    Need suggestion

    Your investment regarding new funds depends upon, when you need your money back, or how long you want to stay invested. Mutual Fund investments gives better returns in a longer period of time. If your time horizon is less tahn 3 years you can go for Debt investments, else if can opt for other...
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    Quantum Theory of Investment - E booklet

    Yes, that's correct, that because the schemes investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation, so you need to stay long invested in the fund.
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    Quantum Theory of Investment - E booklet

    Hansavision had launched a nationwide print and online campaign for Quantum Mutual Fund. Their fund, the Quantum Long Term Equity Fund is one of the top-ranked funds over a 3 year period. They have consistently outperformed the Sensex. Many of us do invest in Mutual Funds, and routinely fall...
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    Quantum Mutual Fund cuts expenses, investors to gain

    Many investor have raised this concern of expense ratio, finally Quantum has decided to cut it down, which will make investors happy. happy Investing.
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    Quantum Mutual Fund cuts expenses, investors to gain

    Source Indianexpress Quantun Mutual Fund today said it has lowered the fund expenses for two of its schemes, a move that would lead to higher return for the investors putting their money in these funds. Quantum MF said in a statement that it has lowered the expense ratio to 1.25 per cent...
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    Coal India to Invest $223.3 Million in Mutual Funds

    Coal India Ltd., which has cash reserves of about 430 billion rupees ($9.6 billion), plans to invest up to 10 billion rupees ($223.3 million) in mutual funds this year as part of a new strategy to get better returns on its surplus cash, the company's finance director said. The world's largest...
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    Retirement Portfolio

    Nice thought AW 10. You are absolutely correct he should now look into spending some for his own. Rest he should put in such in such avenues from where he can get some monthly incomes without taking too much risks, MIPs can be a good bet.
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    MF scheme, Dividend , Growth or Bonus

    MIPs are hybrid investments that invest a minor portion of their portfolio (around 15-25 per cent) in equity, and the balance in debt and money market instruments such as bonds, certificates of deposits etc. The equity component acts as a catalyst and gives extra returns. Generally, MIPs...
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    Systematic Investment Plan

    All bank accounts are good for automatic SIP to Mutual Fund. While investing you need to make sure that AMC has tied up with your bank, personally i prefer to invest through my HDFC bank account.
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    List of Gold ETS

    Gold ETF is a smart way of investing in Gold. Many Gold ETFs are available in India, following is the list of Gold ETFs where you can invest: Axis Mutual Fund - Axis Gold ETF - Axisgold. Benchmark Mutual Fund - Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme - Goldbees. Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund -...
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    SIP calculator

    Plan your SIP investments, for your better financial future,Use this SIP calculator to ascertain the monthly investment required to achieve your financial goal at a specified rate of return at the end of 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 30 years. Share your reviews about this SIP Calculator
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    Is it better to invest in mutual fund directly rather than through an agent?

    Although investing in Mutual Funds, through a agent is hassle free, and you need not to bother much about your documentation process, but beware of the advice of agent, sometime for the sake of earning commission from AMCs they push their products/Mutual Funds to investors, which may not suit to...
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    Gold to Extend Gains as Investors Seek Haven

    Gold prices, rallying for an eleventh year, will extend gains as investors add bullion seeking a haven against currency debasement and inflation, according to India's Quantum Asset Management Co. "There will be more people moving towards the safety of gold which will take gold prices much...
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    please suggest where to invest?

    Select top performing Funds from top performing Mutual Funds. SOme good buy which i can recommend you: 1.Quantum Long term Equity Fund 2. HDFC Top 200 3. Fidelity Equity Break you investments in 3 parts and start SIPing into these Mutual Funds. This will be a good buy to your portfolio...