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    NSE has launched Cross Currency pairs like EURUSD etc.

    As NSE has already launched Crosscurrency pairs, does that mean that Forex trading is now legal in India and we can can open trading account with Forex Brokers which is open 24x7 OR we can only trade with Brokers of India between 9 am to 7:30 pm like Sharekhan, Zerodha etc. Please explain.
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    Historical Volatility Code in AFL Amibroker

    I would be greatful to anyone who can help me with the code of Historical volatility in AFL, I have EOD data of NSE. It would also like to plot it using the plot function.
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    Please help AFL coding for Exploring/backtesting EOD data with my strategy

    I have daily EOD data of NSE in my Amibroker. I want to scan /explore stocks which meet my criteria. Please help me with the code. Criteria: Today's high should be 2-Month High and also today's range (high-low) should be largest out of previous 5 trading days. I want to scan/backtest/explore...