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    HELP: Historical market breadth data for BSE/NSE

    Hello, I am searching for historical data for: 1) Advance/decline ratios Any idea how/where I can find historical data for at least 24 months? 2) Number of stocks trading above their 50day SMA (at least 24 months). I found a link on iCharts...
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    Is This The Best Stock Market Indicator Ever?

    I came across an interesting article that says if "the percentage of S&P 100 stocks above their 200 day moving average" is above 65%, then it's a clear buy signal. My questions are: 1. Any thoughts on using this indicator for first screening? 2. How do I get this for NIFTY or Sensex...
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    Where to find industry level performance data for Indian stocks?

    I'm looking for data like this: Or something like this: Any idea where I can get for India?
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    Historical gold price in rupees?

    People might find this very interesting. I just thought of doing this like the Dow/Gold ratio or Oil/Gold ratio. If anyone wants the data in excel sheet, please mail me.
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    Historical gold price in rupees?

    Guys, I'm trying to calculate the value of the BSE Sensex in terms of gold price. That is, instead of calculating the Sensex in Rupee (which is a fiat currency), I'm trying to calculate its value in terms of real money (gold). Any idea where I can get the monthly gold price from 1991...