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  1. jxcess

    Beta of Indian stock

    Where can I find beta of indian stock. I have searched everywhere but I only get old reports for the year 2010 or 2011 online. Anyone knows where I can get the latest? Thanks
  2. jxcess

    How are these stocks for 1 to 5 years at CMP?

    HUL Castrol India Gillette India Sangam India Magma Fincorp Jubilant Foodworks UBL Thejo Engineering
  3. jxcess

    international commodities markets query

    Hi guys, what are the timings (indian) for international commodity markets, specially US and european? which are the major exchanges to follow? also please provide links to check their rates? thanks
  4. jxcess

    52 week highs and lows on excel

    is there a way to freely update 52 week highs and lows of a stock on an excel sheet everyday? thanks
  5. jxcess

    leverage by zerodha for commodities trading

    How much leverage is given by zerodha for commodities trading? Also can u carry commodity futures positions bought on leverage or are they squared off same day?
  6. jxcess

    Newbie to commodities trading

    Guys I am new to commodities trading. I have just opened an account with zerodha and have some questions: 1. Are charges in equity trading more than commodities trading, eg: brokerage, STT, etc? 2. what is MCX turnover charge? How does it affect me? 3. Are commodities traded in MCX...
  7. jxcess

    Futures Expiration date

    How do I find stocks whose futures expire on a given date?
  8. jxcess

    Subscribed share capital less than issued

    What happens when subscribed share capital is less than issued capital? Does the company refund the money to the subscribers?
  9. jxcess

    Daytrading only by reading the newspaper

    Can day trading be done only by reading newspapers and without any technical analysis?
  10. jxcess

    Calendar of forthcoming dates of financial results

    Friends where can I get Calendar for forthcoming dates of financial results of listed companies? On moneycontrol and other websites only dates of already declared results are put up.
  11. jxcess

    Shabbir Bhimani

    Has anyone read the book by Shabbir Bhimani? Do u recommend it? Thanks
  12. jxcess

    free charts for commodities

    where can I see free charts for commodities traded on mcx?
  13. jxcess

    reversal bar

    what do bullish bar and bearish bar reversal indicate? will the price go up or down?
  14. jxcess

    Is buying KFA recommended?

    Guys is it very risky to buy Kingfisher at this point of time? It's nearly worth Rs. 10. What if Rs 10,000 or maybe even 100,000 is invested in it?
  15. jxcess

    Toby Crabel's Opening Range Breakout Formula

    I read this in some website about Tony Crabel's breakout trading strategy: I have prepared an excel (link for the excel: based on my understanding and did backtesting for some stocks (only for the months may and june as I don't have intraday...
  16. jxcess

    trading based only on broker recommendations

    I know many of you go through the pains of reading charts and carrying out various other technical analysis but how many of you rely only on your broker? For example almost all brokers like sharekhan, zerodha, indiabulls, etc do give stock tips which are made by experts and who have much better...
  17. jxcess

    standard deviation of daily stock price fluctuation

    How do I get the standard deviations of stock price fluctuation on a daily basis?
  18. jxcess

    online poker

    is playing online poker for money legal in india?
  19. jxcess

    why is value of sensex more than nifty?

    This may be stupid question but I was thinking why value of sensex which is having only 30 stock more than value of nifty which have 50 stock? All stock broker investor and mbas please try to answer my question if you are really good ;):thumb:
  20. jxcess

    some beginner's questions on trading in nifty

    1. Can trading in nifty only be done by the F&O route? What I mean to say is that in other securities like equity and commodities trading can be done by buying and selling the underlying asset. So can that be done in nifty i.e can I purchase nifty as an asset or do I have to buy a future or an...