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    Internet requirement for intraday trading

    HI I have started this thread to discuss internet & computer related hardware & software issues for trading purpose. Please join all there & discuss there , we can get all information in one place.. I am also copy & paste all posts which discussed here in general trading chat so, please...
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    internet connection-reliance forced to upgrade to 4g

    Hi Friends I am just frustated with those Internet companies..I have been spending some 4-5 k per month on different connections but no company is giving satisfactory services. I have 2g net connect for trading..which is ok-ok from yesterday, its not working...customer care
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    Confessions of a banknifty trader

    HELLO Friends I am starting this new thread. I am going to post ONLY banknift y-future trades here..I will be posting my real trades with snap shop of my trade book & chart..Before that thread, I used to write this on my trading journal..But i observed that I am doing same mistake again &...
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    Health is wealth

    Good Evening fellow traders Hi The idea of thread comes when some aquaitances told about a sad untimely demise of some relatives due to heart attack...We have all listened some or another kind of tragidies that one of our collegue died by a heart attack despite having a good diet & going to...
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    Traders den

    Hello Fellow traders Its very sad to know that future day trading thread is closed.that thread was very good for learning & sharing. But We cant surrender like that infront of some negative people.We are here in Traderji forum, to learn & share.If some negative people came, & spoil thread...
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    my paper trades

    here i am posting my paper trades..pleas dont trade I am learnign a new method & posting so i can do paper trade with same commitment as real trade..& be honest to them..its not my real method of PRICE ACTION which I usually trade ..I am trying to learn a new method which is based purely...
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    price action & chart reading: learning resources

    Hi Friends I have started this thread for a new price action trader like me,who want to learn Only price action & chart reading skills for trading. Here in Traderji ,some brilliant threads about price action.We can learn a lot from there. This thread is for newbies who wants to learn but dont...
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    good mobile for trading??

    Hi Could anybody please suggest which mobile is good for using trading platforms like trade tiger,zerodha or rksv...?? instead of phone,can we use tab also to use those trading platforms?which tab should buy? can we see intraday charts of trade tiger on mobile or tab? thanks
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    directional option trading for beginners

    Hi All traders friend I am going to start this new thread for pure directional option traders.There are so many brilliant threads about strategic trading,hedging trading etc..but i have noticed many traders are still into directional option trading. I am also student of markets & learning...
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    option oracle not working

    Hi I am new member . I want to start option trading..but i will do it after proper education .so senior member please share your experiences & suggestions. I have downloaded option oracle but it shows "configured preffered server is not available using plug in server US (CBOE ) instead.