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  1. Niranjanam

    Confused !!!

    Lately I have started some option analysis and have gone through many threads. Decisions are mostly made on the basis of OI analysis rather than charts, it seems. OI, Change in OI, PCR, Maximum pain etc are the major tools rather than the chart of underlying. In my understanding the entire...
  2. Niranjanam

    Trading Demotivators

    Demotivators are funny posters. Making them is very easy. You just need a relevant caption and a nice picture. Rest of the work can be done for free at Despair .com . Long back I was doing it as a hobby and time pass. Unfortunately I lost many of them when my hard disk crashed. Still I have a...
  3. Niranjanam

    E-Book on Price Action Trading

    Dear All I have written an E-Book on day trading Nifty Futures It is all about price action trading in its purest form Download You can read the review of the book by Lance Beggs in his latest news letter Read Regards Niranjanam
  4. Niranjanam

    Six Blind Elephants

    In a forest, there lived six elephants. These elephants were blind by birth. They heard a lot about men and were wondering what men were like. After arguing a lot, they decided to find one and determine it by direct experience. One day a poor man stranded into the forest losing his way. The...
  5. Niranjanam

    Sniper Shots

    Snipers are highly trained marksmen who operate from concealed positions and target the most important enemy personnel to cause maximum disruption. The word sniper originated in 17th century British India referring a hunter skilled enough to hunt the elusive bird “Snipe” Hunting a Snipe is...
  6. Niranjanam

    Food for Thought

    Look at the above picture. You might have seen this pattern many times. Market is in a bull trend. It pull backs and makes a low at point A. Afterwards it goes up and later returns to the same price level and print a beautiful pin bar. As a trader what will be your action in this area...
  7. Niranjanam

    Gods Own Bounty

    The Treasure found in the four vaults of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala have literally blinded the eyes of the Supreme court appointed team to value the treasure. The estimated value has already crossed Rs 100000 Crores. Two other unopened vaults are expected to contain an equal amount...
  8. Niranjanam

    Help Krishnan to win $ 100000

    Dear All, Its worth to caste your vote for this gentleman. We can help Krishnan win!! If you had not heard of Narayanan Krishnan, it is a collective failure. This is one of the most incredible stories of personal commitment. Narayanan Krishnan, all of 29 years old now, does what he...
  9. Niranjanam

    What is wrong with HINDALCO ?

    My Amibroker database is not getting updated with the values of Hindalco dt 27/08/2007. I wonder why? Today I checked the nifty stocks of VFMDirect. Hindalco is not there. Hindalco is missing from Buzzing stocks database also. Any idea?
  10. Niranjanam

    Happy Onam

    Wishing every Malayali in this forum a very HAPPY ONAM Niranjanam.
  11. Niranjanam


    Senior Members of Traderji ! Unite. Traderji has demoted us to members.Shouldn't we protest ?:) Niranjanam
  12. Niranjanam

    The 100th Monkey

    I would like to be the 100th Monkey of Traderji. This is my 100th post in this great forum. When I joined this forum,I knew nothing about trading .I dont think I can ever outguess the smartest minds in the market, but I am consistently profitable for the trailing 12 months. I am out of the...
  13. Niranjanam

    Day Trader (Video)

    view the video
  14. Niranjanam

    Wisdom of Thomas bulkowski

    Wisdom of Thomas bulkowski Visited Thomas Bulkowski's site to learn Chart patterns He made me wiser.He is making money selling books, not trading. His trading performance shows it. Some more wisdom from him...
  15. Niranjanam

    IL&FS Investsmart Online

    Hello Friends Anybody here trade through IL&FS Investsmart smart trade platform ? Kindly share your opinion . It looks great Niranjanam.
  16. Niranjanam

    Global Markets

    Watch international markets
  17. Niranjanam

    Are you lost in the technical analysis jungle ?

    Pradeep Bonde There are hundreds of way to make money in the stock market, but the one which has the largest following is technical analysis. If you search Amazon database on investing, you will notice more books on technical analysis that any other topic. There...
  18. Niranjanam

    Nice Collection of Market blogs & Research

    Hello Friends Instant Bull is a new website that provides links to a variety of investment sites and top investment blogs of the world. Have a look Niranjanam.
  19. Niranjanam

    Learn How to trade Forex

    Hello Here is an excellent website for forex beginners Regards Niranjanam
  20. Niranjanam

    Markets to Crash in 2007

    Hello Friends Have a look Niranjanam