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    Nifty Intraday Price Action

    Will try to post my Intraday Trades ( Live ) based on PA, no indicators, Everyone is welcome to join and share input's and feedback.
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    Backup of Markings on Charts

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    TraderJi Needs new exciting stuff and needs to change itself?

    This is not a criticism. Please read and comment or give a thumbs up if you agree. Traderji is a great platform with loads of material and content. however it needs to change with time. It needs to have lot of creative things going on in Traderji to keep members engaged. If not many activities...
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    Diaries of a Unsucessful Trader

    I am starting this new thread. I am reading YTC and I have a habit of making notes. So Instead of buying a Notebook and waste a whole lot of paper, I am going to use this platform to save and discuss the quotes from his book. Senior's and Experienced are welcome to contribute and add or comment...
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    Intraday Trading

    Markings DH DL - Yellow (Dash) PDH PDL - White (Dot) Starting capital 15k Risk : Max 3% per day or 3 Consecutive SL hit ( whatever comes earlier) Entry: Solid Free Line Marked with Blue Exit: Yellow Solid Line SL : Red Solid Line Target: To be consistent with this system till 23/11/19...