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    Bank Nifty Future 1 min/ 5 min intraday data

    Dear Fellow Traders, For the backtesting of my Bank Nifty Future positional system I am looking for 1 or 5 min data for last 5-10 years. I would be really grateful if someone can help me on this. Thanks in advance Abhi
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    Trend Analysis for Natural Gas

    Picked up Natural Gas on bottom around 170 & added more positions above 197 for the final target of 226. Reversed positions and entered shorts at 226 and ever since its falling... Watch out for regular updates on Natural Gas/Crude and many more commodities at
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    Daily Technical View on Indian Commodities

    Hello Everyone, Watch out my blog for technical views on highly traded 9 commodities mentioned below - ALUMINIUM COPPER CRUDEOIL GOLD LEAD NATURALGAS NICKEL SILVER ZINC Hope you will like it. Thanks Abhi
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    Bar colors change

    Hi All, I am looking for an afl wherein the bar color changes based on the closing. If closing price is higher than the provious candle then the bar color should be green and if closing price is lower than the previous candle then the bar color shd be red. Any help would be appreciated...
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    Commodities iEOD data for 1 Year

    Hello Everyone, I am in the phase of testing something and for that I need IEOD data for last one year for the below mentioned commodities. If 1 year data cant be arranged I can live with 6 months as well. Need to observe some behaviour on intraday data. 5 min would work. ALUMINIUM...
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    Error 29...Variable used without being initialized

    Hi Everyone, I have a very good afl which needs some modification as its giving error 29 - variable xyz used without having been initialized...and its giving in plotting that variable. Can someone please help me fixing that? Thanks in advance Cheers Abhinav
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    Help Needed: Error 29 Variable "xyz" used without having been initialized

    Hi All, I have got an afl in which i am getting this error - Plot(xyz, ------------^ Error 29 Variable "xyz" used witohut having been initialized Use "edit formula" to correct error Please help me rectify this error. I am using Amibroker 5.2 version. thanks Abhi
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    ADX Scanner, Exploration and Back Test

    Hi Seniors, Can someone write an afl from the below mentioned conditions which can act as a scanner, explorer and backtester - BUY when +DI crosses DI from bottom to top +DI crosses ADX from bottom to top SELL when -DI crosses +DI from bottom to top +DI crosses ADX from top to...
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    Exploration, Scan and Backtesting help needed in Amibroker

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to create an exploration to give automatic buy/ sell signals based on above conditions. I am trying to combine all 3 indicators to get a stronger signal. Can someone help me writing an AFL formula for the below mentioned conditions - ADX(14) Buy when +DI...
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    Realtime Live Data or EOD data

    Hello Everyone, I have got Amibroker 4.80.1 and I have started learning technical analysis. I need to know if there is any source from where I can get realtime live data (tick by tick)? If it is free then well n good otherwise I am also ready to pay miminum amount in order to see live charts...
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    How to know Resistance, Support and Stop Loss levels for a stock

    Dear All, I am trying to learn TA but feels like I am pretty novice in it. Need help of all the senior members and fellow boarders to know Resistance, Support and Stop Loss levels for a stock or Nifty. I am using Amibroker and using 3-5 EMA to know buy/sell signal. It works well most of...
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    How to make money by writing CALL option just before exiry

    Hello All, I have been trading options for last 6 months and whatever I have earned is just by buying a call and selling it after getting a proper premium. I have been hearing something called TIME DECAY which means that as soon as expiry comes the premium of a CALL option does rise as...
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    Anyone tracking Nifty Options???

    Hi All, I am new to this group and to Options trading as well. After spending around 1 year in cash trading for last 2-3 months my interest has been turned towards only NIfty options trading. Just wondering if someone experienced in this group tracks Nifty and can advise some good tips...
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    How to use options calculator?

    Hi All, Does any body know how to use options calculator to calculate the right premium value at which the Call or Put should be buy or sell? What does these things means - Interest Rate Volatility And how does dividend date, amount and frequency affects the premium price? What are...
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    Stuck in Options due to GujAmbuja-Holcim Deal

    Hi All, I am very new to this forum and this is my first message to all the expert here. I am glad to be a part of this forum. Few days back when GujAmbuja-Holcim deal was done I got the news that heavy buying is seen in Gujrat Ambuja and stock price will shoot upto 100. So I bought (23rd...