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    Intraday straddle selling ideas ?

    Guys, I am completely an intraday trader who trades bank nifty options. I am using a model which involves selling bn straddle every morning at 9:30 and putting individual stop loss of 1.4 times on each strike, I will leave the system till eod. If sl of any individual leg is hit, other leg will...
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    Straddle and iron butterfly option strategy ?

    Is there any option trader out there who uses straddle or iron butterfly extensively ? I want to know more about them and mainly how traders manage when markets goes against you? Thanks
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    Broker providing highest marging for intraday option selling with minimum brokerage ?

    Guys I only do bank nifty option selling for intraday. Please suggest me brokers which provide high intraday margins with least brokerage as possible. I understand that I can't get both at the same time but need the best combination of the above. Thanks
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    Live data feed to excel and then making line chart or graph ?

    Guys I have a live feed running on excel which is taken from Zerodha in which the stock price is updating real time How can excel make line chart of that running price on one single cell?
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    Live option chain data to excel?

    I am planning to track collar option strategy on stocks now. For the purpose of this I want to import futures and options data to excel from NSE. Please help me how can I do it ?
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    Futures hedging ?

    Is there any way by which futures can be hedged in such a way that it reduces a bit of profit if the price goes in my direction but limits my losses to major extent when the prices stay in range or goes in opposite direction ? Please suggest some strategies
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    NSE data to my amibroker ?

    How can I get data such as delivery percentage, open interest, etc (data which is available on nse ) on amibroker ?
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    Bank nifty fut 1 minute data for amibroker ?

    Guys , I need Bank nifty futures data (intraday) with volume for amibroker. Please provide me data in such a form that I can easily upload it in amibroker quickly.
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    EOD Options historical data?

    Where can I find options historical data on EOD basis ?
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    Help me formulating this option strategy ?

    I want to formulate an option strategy which has atleast 1:1 risk reward and I would like to sell the option so that I get the benefit of time decay. Also, I would want to have profit in case the market moves in range or in my direction. Thus, losses should only be there when the stock moves...
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    Strangle option charts Amibroker ?

    I want to combine 2 strike option prices and show it on one chart. Please help me
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    Need afl tutor in gurgaon

    A group of 4-5 people( of our trading company) need to learn amibroker (afl). All interested experienced people ping me. The pay will be discussed
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    Market replay with multi time frames?

    Guys, I need to replay the market candles with multiple frames. I use 5 min and 1 charts. Now I want to replay both of them so as to experience the real market environment. Please let me know any platform for this
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    Gurgaon Traders

    Hi All, Since, trading can be very lonely at times, I am planning to form a Gurgaon Traders Club, so that we can meet regularly to share our experience, learning and talents. Interested people either reply to this thread or PM me. Thanks Tanmay
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    How to save charts in investing ?

    Hi all, How to save charts on investing after which I can open them from the watchlist on the right ? I know how to save the charts but I want to access these charts from the watchlist on the right and not open each and every chart from load option. Please tell me how to do it ?
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    MT4 Backtesting with multiple charts

    How to open a chart with chart reply with multiple charts timeframe? Like hour, 30 minutes and 15 min
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    Market movement (NIFTY) vs Stock technicals ?

    Hi friends, I have been trading for the last 1 year and want suggestion from you guys. If I trade stocks (Day trading or positional), then how much portion of weight age should be given to the nifty movement that day since sometimes NIFTY on its own drives the stocks towards its own direction...
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    Isn't earning 3-4% return everyday so simple by this method ?

    Isn’t scalping atleast 20 points on Nifty or Bank nifty options possible everyday through normal indicators such as RSI, Moving average etc. These are the problems that I see in earning these many points everyday Brokerage – We can use monthly plan or brokers where brokerage is very low. So for...
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    Cheapest broker for scalping purpose?

    Who is the cheapest broker for Bank nifty futures and option purpose? I currently have Zerodha and the breakeven point or now is around 6-7 points in Futures and more than 1 point in option. Please suggest me some broker so that I can reduce it
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    Next Candlestick prediction charts ?

    Can anyone please tell me where the facility mentioned below available on candlestick chart? For Ex- today is 27th Nov. If i go back to 20th Nov in my candlestick charts then, the future data i.e. 21st to 27th Nov is hidden and is only visible when I click through mouse. The basis purpose of...