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    Rs 20k to 20 L 12 months time..

    Hi there, visiting Tj after long long time...interesting thread ..i wish success to the team..good initiative..
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    Nifty Entry ,Exit ,Target levels with Median Line Charts

    Kavima, great work. excellent charts, embellished with clear explanation . plz keep them coming. Tulika
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    TradeRacer from ICICI ?

    You can contact them and ask about Direct link, and even bargain for brokerage charges if you are an active trader.
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    TradeRacer from ICICI ?

    am trading through icicidirect trading terminal since last 2 far faced no problem ,charts also are there, similar to Indiabulls.. and they have provided me facility to trade through phone also... but that terminal or platform is called Directlink...dont know about Traderacer.
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    Thanks Toe Joe for these charts and explanation ,which is very enlightening and edifying ..
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    CamelToeJoe, As there are more than one methods for exit in ichimoku, i would like to know your preference. Thanks Tulika
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    myQuotes - Free Real Time Quotes Software

    Hi JDM , i have downloaded MyPibdata , but still unable to connect it to Amibroker. Cant find " Get data" tool. plz help thanks tulika
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    Vishal, Kumo clouds are support and resistance areas of previous few bars. hence if they are thin and moving in a straight line that means price has been moving in a tight range . Sorry for replying on Linkon's behalf.
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    Nifty Future 5min Ambush Style-Live

    reason for shifting the stoploss??
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    Can you please explain what are the signals which are indicating the down move.? Regards Tulika
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    Sorry for not being able to reply. But Linkon has already explained the use of RSI and ADX . ADX works best on longer time frames... it can save us from many whipsaws. When ADX is trending and moving up from below, we can use trend lines, moving avrgs etc to exit. and wen it becomes flat...
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    Thanks for your gratitude, but i dont think i deserve any credit. Credit goes to Mr. Linkon for starting the thread.. i will try to add whatever knowledge i gain.. Though this is a complete system in itself, i dont find any harm in adding RSI and at times ADX. if RSI and crossover matches we...
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    yes, you are right. It is Senkou span which is lagging by 52 bars.. i apologize for misguiding. Tenkan sen and Kijun Sen are moving averages period 9 and 26 which coincide with MACD .
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    your observation is correct. But i dont trade with the arrows. Actually they are programmed to give a signal only on the crossover above or below the clouds. But we can take entry wen after the cross over price moves above/below the clouds . And if some how we missed a trade we can wait for...
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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system...!

    i have been using this excellent ichimoku kinko huo system since quite some time. would like add my 2 cents. Before taking a trade we must make sure that all the indicators are giving the same signal.. for long trades:- 1.) chikou span should be above the price bar. 2.) Tenkan sen and kijun...
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    Discussion forum for elwave & refine elliot trader

    am not an expert , but yes know a bit about Elliot waves and would love to add what i dont know and to share whatever little i know. tulika
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    Santa - Banta

    good to know ..
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    Santa - Banta

    Veer ji mai vi Punjabi.. Amritsar ton
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    Nifty Futures Trading Part 2 (Positional)

    SCO value helps a lot.. provides gud guideline. But is there any way of using it for stocks also //??? Searched a lot but dint find such an indicator any where. If some body got any clue plz let me know.. Now it is above 81.. does that mean not much upside from here???
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    Option Buy Recomendations

    Respected Ghosh sir, i am holding a few Cairn Sep call options srtike 160 @ 8.40.. shud i hold them ?? plz suggest. THanks Tulika