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  1. lazytrader

    Where to get ticker titles and sector data?

    Hi, I've been out of the market for a long time and now I need to update my charting software with new data as lot has changed. I wanted to know where I can download the name of the company for a ticker and the sector it belongs to. If it is available anywhere on any kind of report which...
  2. lazytrader

    Research on social media

    Hi guys, HAPPY DIWALI first of all. my friends are doing a research paper to be presented at IIM Indore and need your opinion on some matters related to social media (blogs, facebook, orkut, twitter etc). Could you guys please spare 2 mins to answer a 2-3 min survey. It's urgent and important...
  3. lazytrader

    Demat and its nuances

    I decided to start a new thread on demat because this is one of the least discussed topics when it comes to trading and no one seems to be interested. The problem is however that I am a technical person (no not the analysis type technical as in electronics and comps). I have gained a little...
  4. lazytrader

    Suggestion on chatroom

    I thought it would be better if there was a seperate thread to track chatroom issues and suggestions. Since there wasn't one I am creating a new thread. I hope it is not too much to ask Traderji, but I thought a few change could improve chatroom experience. I know it's not completely...
  5. lazytrader

    Hidden Gems of has thousands of threads, tens of thousands of members posting in them which gives us a few lakh posts to read. I dont think anyone could read all posts on this forum because of which there are few gems that most of us will miss. Now thinking about those who work in the day and then...
  6. lazytrader

    Repeated notifications

    When I go to the User CP some of the posts to which there are no new replies also show up. Check the screenie attached. I has replied to both those posts and on saturday the UserCP didn't have any new notifications today I check and my own posts are showing up as the latest posts. I've...
  7. lazytrader

    Differences between trader terminals

    Columbusji, can you please take a look at the following video of the IndiaInfoline TraderTerminal (TT) and point out the pros and cons (feature wise) compared to the Sharekhan TradeTiger (TT). Since they are refusing to give a demo account for testing purposes I am not able to figure out if...
  8. lazytrader

    Brokerage charting tools

    can someone post screenshots of charting tools provided by tradetiger, PIB, ODIN etc.. Thanks.
  9. lazytrader

    How to send PM?

    I don't see a link to send PM. Is it disabled?
  10. lazytrader

    Pantaloon retail ticker?

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the symbol for pantaloon retail? PRETAILDVR or PANTALOONR? Both seem to have the same name. How is that. Thanks in advance.