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    CRUDE MINI intra day trades based on 5 min chart

    After having a look at charts of Mini Crude since July 2015, I am a bit confident to trade it profitably intraday. Trades based on Pivots and Supertrend combination. Trying my hand with 5 mini lots only. Shall update my diary asap. As of now using zerodha chart in Pi later may think of...
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    Accounting Software suggestion

    Need suggestion for Accounting Software for maintaining Stock and Commodities trading account for family! Visited the sites of MProfit and InvestPlus. There must be more that are as good and economical. Please share your experience. Main issue is ease of use by a novice in accounts as well as...
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    Guide me about MCX RT Data feed vendor

    Need RT data vendor for Metastock and Amibroker compatible for limited products of MCX: Energy Metals non ferrous Gold/Silver Data ONLY for Energy will also serve my purpose of the time being! Even data only for Crude and Mini Crude would do! Need Tick by Tick updation! 5 min candle...
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    Inspired by Raynor's thread of 200 points pa in Nifty

    Hmm.... trying for a min. 30% gross return but in Cash shares. Trades would be either Intraday or delivery. No futures or options. Trades shall be based o EOD charts only. All trades in Nifty stocks only. Starting capital Rs.2/- Lakhs. Any suggestions on any Amibroker AFL for use in EOD...
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    Chandukhana kee gapp !

    Chandukhana is an Hindi word loosely meaning : Assembly of like minded but mindless people indulging in mindless talks ! So all chandus are invited to participate with their views on any thing and every thing including Trading and trades and technical analysis also welcome. :p
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    Hi friends, My uncle wishes to invest Rs.5 akhs for 5 years approx. in ten shares @ 50000/- in each share. In current mkt scenario request all to suggest a growth portfolio. Thanks
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    SEBI rules for Analysts etc.

    I find that lot of Threads and posts that were okay earlier may seem to be violating SEBI guidelines! In this connection I wish to draw your attention to my thread here : Request its scrutiny and advise...
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    Crude oil positional trades!

    Trade at your own risk ! A new indicator developed and not yet tested in actual trades ! On paper gave 5000+ points in past 21 months ! At present the Trade is Short from below 5639 and gave an opportunity of ~500 points ! Long above : 5311 only !
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    Delivery trades for over 50% gains p.a.

    Take delivery for Long term : Jain Irrigation only above :82.35 ! Expect min 50% in <year ! Also Long Term delivery IDBI: 63.55 ! May double from this level! No SL required in these. Worth averaging on declines but do enter above the above mentioned levels only ! People who cannot...
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    H Sure Shot Swing Trades ! For 14.10.14 Ultratech Cement Futures : Buy above 2515.55 ! If open is above 2515.55, then wait for 5 minutes and Long only above 5 min high plus filter! Tata Power F : Long above 86.35 ! Open high condition applicable in all stocks! Tata Motor DVR F : Long...
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    Trading Nifty Options based on 8 EMA plus minus

    I was introduced to this strategy after the 8EMA thread was started. Initially was following it with 9DMA plus minus 0.3% Now have moulded it to 8EMA plus minus 0.3% The set up is simple : On an EOD chart of Nifty draw 8 EMA and two lines above and below it at plus minus 0.3 and 0.9...
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    Closing the thread : 8 EMA Plus Minus Tradig Strategy The above thread has been closed for soliciting clients! It is surprising to say the least. I am sure that there must have been some very hard evidence resulting in this extreme step...
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    Predictive Power : Scanner for Future and Option Stocks

    A friend has some Amibroker Scanner aptly named : Predictive Power ! At EOD it Scans all Stocks in Futures and Predicts there move for next day. My friend claims its 70+% accurate. One needs to take position in Stocks List generated just for the day and exit at ~0.9% profit. Has anyone...
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    Positional Nifty : Entry is mine, suggest EXIT

    I follow a strategy to trade Nifty Positional ! Its always in trade type strategy. At EXIT its always reversal of trade from Long to Short or from Short to Long. Overall profitable but most of the times reversal comes much later after showing Big profit. Trades are based on EOD charts. Shall...
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    Good cardiologist in Kolkata

    Need suggestions for a good cardiologist in Kolkata for my Father ~67 years old. He may require interventional treatment like placing of Stents etc. Thanx.
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    Chat Room & Blog

    Is it possible to have a FREE 'personal' chat room just like we have Personal "BLOGS"? If yes!, where do I look for it? What are the crieteria that are a must? Who gives this facility FREE ! Any specific link. How much Tech expertise/Tech education is required to maintain and run a Chat Room...
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    Scalping and more in Nifty Futures

    A wonderful Strategy has been created by a group of Traders in which I also have a very small role to play. Posting the Trades generated by the system since 17th Oct 2013. All trades were tracked and noted in Real Time though none was traded ! Would like to receive opinions of all on...
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    Trade Adani Ent with me. My calls ! Risk yours.

    Shall post till derivative close of June, my Intraday calls for Adani Ent. Traded them in May derivative and my Gross profit was Rs.168.00 in 2 lots of 1000 each in 134 trades in 24 trading sessions. Expenses to be reduced, but slippage is factored in as these are actual figures. This is actual...
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    My EOD trades

    I was doing Intraday trading and the results were nothing to talk about. Though the strategy would give positive results if traded with discipline, which I lakced during Day trading, getting swayed by TV and other traders views at my broker's place. I am now trading both : Intraday as well as...
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    Trades based on EOD charts...

    Shall post Trades based on EOD charts.... entry and SL is mine.... target is yours.... :p yet to understand proper "exits"!!! :o