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    Upstox – when you struggle to innovate --- COPY

    Everyone has the right to their own opinions. Rightly said @superman , we choose the one who is less arrogant and cares more. But I don't feel that about upstox. My experience with zerodha has been amazing and since moving to finvasia, I don’t have any doubts about them as well.. simply cos...
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    Upstox – when you struggle to innovate --- COPY

    Had an account with uptox but eventually closed it primarily cos they lack innovation and when you search about them online, they come access as the most progressive “thinkers” around. Its ironic cos after Zerodha floated Rs 20 per executed trade brokerage, they were amongst the first ones to...
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    How to stay focussed while day trading?

    One of the many prerequisites of successful trading is to cultivate a sense of discipline. Prepare a well-constructed trading plan and stick to it. Set your limits. It is very important to know how much is too much or you end up losing more than you originally expected. Allow yourself some...
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    A Strong Trading Mind

    A strong mind is essential not just in trading but in day to day life also to face challenges. We need to learn to mould our minds to tackle any situation with prudence, intelligence and maturity. In trading also one faces so many challenges. Sometimes you'll lose, sometimes you won't know when...
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    Trading Platform..

    There are multiple trading platforms. Which one you choose will depend on your trading requirements and preferences. For example I feel pretty satisfied with the way MT4 works. It fulfills all my trading needs. Most people find it very user-friendly.
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    Why Trade Foreign Exchange.

    I feel that too. Forex can be profitable only if you have the required knowledge and experience. And just because it 'can' be profitable doesn't mean it will 'always' be profitable or that it is easy. People should be prudent while trading forex if they want to make money
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    What is Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis is more about judging the performance of a company to find out which company’s shares to invest your money in. You will analyze all the news and information that could possibly affect the price of the shares like economic, geopolitical, legal, financial, market news, etc...
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    Data for fundamental analysis

    Yearly data can get it from company annual report from their website..or you can add all quarterly numbers to get annual number.It gives more or less same result unless the company does so.
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    From Where to Start ?

    Pick out a few good books on trading (google them and read the reviews), start reading market news regularly, open a demo account and trade on that. Watch educational videos on youtube or enroll yourself for some (free)online trading course. Take baby steps. Once you have sufficient knowledge...
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    How to easily Trade Forex from India!?

    Forex trading is allowed in India but it is very restrictive. You could say it is partially legal as it lets you trade in 4 pairs only and all of these should involve INR. These are USD-INR, GBP-INR, JPY-INR AND EUR-INR. You can’t legally trade in other pairs.
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    Data for fundamental analysis

    Try, indiainfoline, financialexpress and economicatimes. Hope these help.
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    Yes forex is not as easy as it seems. One requires a lot of knowledge, experience, skill and patience. Also a little bit of luck never hurts! Otherwise you can incur losses very easily and quickly.