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    any forex trading strategies?

    I would wish people who tarde forex in various curencies come out with various ideas for developing a new trading strategy that is profitable for everyone.since many new persons would be involved we would get opportunity to exchange new ideas.
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    forex cash cow strategy

    has anyone used avi frasers forex cash cow strategy/forex flip and go/forex runner strategy and how do u feel about it?i wish to purchase but before doing that i wanted to know your reviews?
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    free charting software?

    Can anybody help me in getting free charting software for forex charting which could give me access to information like EMAS apply to open, close, high , and low.The net dania and other free charting software gives me access ofcourse free to EMAS to close only. i want to have acces to open, high...
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    is fundamental trading in forex is all luck??

    I have a question about fundamental trading .i feel trading on fundamental news in forex is all have a position if news come right then u have profit if its opposite then loss.also i noticed not all news will have equal response for e.g. I kept a buy order on euro thinking that ECB...
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    i have two questions for anybody who would like to help.i will be very greatful to him.1) how can i add middle bollinger band in my free net dania chart?2)I wish to trade on metatrader system so which broker provides metatrader platform for trading? Thanks...
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    Help Help Help For Forex Trading

    Hi Everyone, Can anybody help me here to trade in forex market.i have gone through some basic reading in forex and nowadays trading in demo account with fxcm.i am really interested in trading forex ,if please anybody guide me in opening an account with broker which platform...