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    what is amibroker??what can we do with it???

    hey guys..i know its pretty silly..but i have no clue whats amibroker and whats metastock..what can we do with it?? i used icicdirect and came to PIB..howz amibroker and metastock helpful? will they be helping in analyzing a stock and predict the growth and targets.. or wil they be...
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    A request-plz read!!

    hello guys.. keeping in matter what i've faced in traderji and what the senior members are facing in our much read website is that-- 1)everyone is posting their predictions and targets without any analysis mentioning in the posts.although they could be right or they have posted with due...
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    good deal of correction on 3/12 and 4/12..

    guys expect a good deal of correction on 3/12 and 4/12,so please try to do short sell as much as possible.its sell for rpl and not invest in any stocks on monday and tuesday...take stocks at low price dudes..all the best
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    minimum speed required?

    hey guys whats the minimum speed required for power 128kbps ok?? i mean it would get a download speed of it enough?
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    stuck!! suggestions needed!!

    hey guys bought 2 shares-when can i expect it to raise?? 1)jindal steel and power at 13000-presently at 10,600 -what i've researched about jindal is that it has entered into a mutual fund contract with reliance energy,icici prudentials and kotak.Reliance energy had diverted half of its...