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  1. bpr

    What is your Expectancy ?

    There are many fancy statistics when it comes to analyzing trading performance but the simplest of all is Expectancy. If you are profitable trader then you should have a positive expectancy else a negative one. Knowing your Expectancy is very useful. First it says whether you have a edge or not...
  2. bpr

    Traderji HedgeFund

    Here we will create Traderji crowdsourced Hedgefund / Mutualfund as a smallcase and track its performance. Participation from all of you required. Idea is debate on stock selection majority wins. I will kind of moderate. We will actively manage the hedgefund removing a stock or replacing a...
  3. bpr


    Guys we all know bitcoin and is nothing new. I discovered it when it was $120 and I thought I missed the train. Also skeptical and afraid, decided not to invest. Since then it has made a high of $1163 and then crashed to $152. and now it is at $967. The question since then and even now...
  4. bpr

    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    Hi All Creating a thread on the similar lines of my previous thread. I would like to collect basic data feed comparison info so that the info should be easily available to all. No more hiding data vendors. :D:D The information based on my own research to the best of my ability. However the...
  5. bpr

    Discount Broker Comparison

    I have created this thread to do comparison of discount brokers. There are lot of similar threads. But I did not find what I was looking for. Need your help to get all the relevant information and keep it in one place. I am currently with Zerodha and it is working for me as I am not that...
  6. bpr


    Hi All I am very much new to trading. My areas of interest are F&O.