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    ShareKhan TradeTiger like Software for Mac

    Hello frens, I have a account with sharekhan and I use Trade tiger for charting on my windows laptop. But my office has only Macs and no windows machines. Are there any softwares like TT that run on Macs and which are not paid ? I know there are some paid charting softwares which run on...
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    Intraday Gold Trading on MCX (evening session)which charts to follow ?

    Hi Friends, I trade commodities only in evening session, I have a question regarding trading gold. I use international charts to trade gold on MCX after 5 pm ( after currency market closes so that there is no disturbance of usdinr effect), but sometimes i see that MCX gold prices do not move...
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    someone plz explain this different price movement in MCX gold from international gold

    Hi All, MCX gold september contract increased from 27696 to 27880 from 10.30 pm to 11.00 pm an increase of almost 0.7 %, similar was the price movement in oct and august contracts. Whille, at the same time, there was hardly any movement in international gold price which was ranging from...
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    Trading US markets from india

    Hello All, I am looking to open an account with a US broker so that i can trade mainly commodities ( or all futures ) in US markets. I want to do this as i mainly trade commodities and its best to trade them in US day timings, Is anyone doing it, I need some information as 1) who is the...
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    Historical intra day data for crude oil ?

    Friends I am looking for historical (Indian or US markets anything) intra day data for crude oil, If anyone knows any source please tell me, If anyone has it already please zip and share it. Looking forward to some positive responses. Thanks
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    Problems in Commodity daily charts in Trade Tiger , Please Help

    Hi All, I have this problem while seeing the daily charts of commodities in TradeTiger. I will explain with an example. I am viewing the daily chart of Silvermic Feb 2013 contract , when i see the candle for any day in novermber lets say nov 29 in the chart of silvermic-feb-2013 contract, the...
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    Is there bracket order in Nest?

    Hello people, As we have bracket order in TradeTiger, do we have such a order in NEST?
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    Need Advice on commodities fundamentals

    Hello, I understand very clearly what one needs to study to understand the fundamentals of stocks..I recently started trading commodities and I trade only on technicals but want to understand the fundamental analysis of commodities because the fundamental picture for me is very clumsy. Please...
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    Average stop loss percent on your trades and Percent of trades that do not hit SL

    Hello Dear Traders, I am new to futures trading and testing my system in commodities and nifty futures. As i am trying to improvise my system i have some questions which i thought i should share here and get opinions from senior ppl and also new traders. 1) What percent of your total...
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    Real time US market commodity charts for Zinc, Lead , Aluminium etc

    Dear traders, I need a site which gives real time charts for zinc , lead , Aluminium etc for US commodity markets .. has copper, gold silver etc but not for scrap metals.. Any body aware of any site,please share Thanks
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    How to get real time commodity data from CME into amibroker?

    Hello fellow tradrers, I am looking for real time commodities data from CME, is there any way i can configure it into amibroker .. I have read threads about getting the feed from MCX but am looking for data from CME or from any source from which data is same as CME Thanks
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    How to trade in US markets being indian citizen?

    Hello guys.. Is there any way to trade in US markets ( derivatives ) being an citizen.. I heard somewhere that interactive brokers do provide access to US markets but one can only trade in cash segment and not in derivatives. Any input welcome.
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    Commodities trading hours for World markets like LME and CME

    Hi, I am trading in stocks for 4 yrs, but recently started trading in commodities..Can someone help me with the trading hours in various world commodity markets? their opening and closing. I am getting confused with what i saw in the websites for LME and CME.. Really appreciate your help.
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    Which broker provides lowest brokerage in FnO? Any body having less than 4 paise ?

    Hi guys, Need your help. I trade in FnO mainly in nifty futures but i m having to pay a lot of brokerage everyday , i.e 4 paise for buy leg and 4 paise for sell. total 8 paise and about 100 rs of other taxes which go to govt. Can any body suggest me any broker who can provide less than 4...