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    Recos aggregator

    Many brokerages/ websites give stock recommendations from time to time. Any aggregator website or mobile app for those recommendations?
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    Currency -Forex Data Providers for Metatrader

    Want particulars of Currency - Forex data providers for Metatrader 4/5. Required symbols- USDINR, GBPINR, EURINR, JPYINR, DXY, BXY, EXY, JXY.
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    Tradingview stock screener for daytrading

    Fyers is providing Tradingview charts. Zerodha's Tradingview charts on the way. They don't and won't provide Tradingview Stock Screener. Anybody using Tradingview stock screener for daytrading? Kindly share your experience.
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    NSE Cash RT data for Bull's Eye Broker v4.0

    Looking for NSE Cash RT data service for Bull's Eye Broker v4.0.
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    10 best NSE FNO stocks for day trading

    Experienced traders, Please share your best 10 picks from NSE FNO shares suitable for day traders. Thanks
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    ManshiRT/Databull/ Aamaadmisoftware need to introduce ONLINE MT4 charts

    Most useful MT4 indicators are not compatible with offline charts in newer builds of Metatrader 4. Providers like ManshiRT, Databull, Aamaadmisoftware etc need to address this problem and introduce ONLINE MT4 charts for the benefit of their subscribers. Anybody listening?
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    NCDEX NCharts Pro

    NCDEX has introduced NCharts Pro. Commodity traders kindly take note. Critical comments after availing the free trial will benefit everybody.
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    ManshiRT closing down?

    It appears ManshiRT is going to discontinue or already discontinued their service. The website has removed software download link. Nobody picking telephones. No operator available for online chat. Anybody knows what is happening?
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    Metatrader for Indian equities, commodities and currency

    There are many scattered threads regarding RT feed to Metatrader. Many of them are not useful to the everyday traders. There are gifted coders in this forum who devote considerable time and energy to help people to trade using Amibroker or Metastock. Those gifted people mostly overlooked...