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    fastest equity growth in a day, rather in 2 hours

    knrcon 15 minute Stock Breakouts, Technical Analysis Scanner Sr. Stock Name Symbol Links % Chg Price Volume 11 Knr Constructions Limited KNRCON P&F | F.A 16.11% 470 1,846,910 6 Strides Shasun Limited STAR P&F | F.A 10.11% 880.4 556,867 1...
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    contact me

    i am looking for a reliable fx broker with local funding it should be regulated on a continent only. contact me if you know any o i can start immediately
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    Kind Request to members [ MT4 ]

    if i am able to get nse tick data in MT4 then i can very accurately predict what that stock will do in the coming 1 hours to monthly scenario and i am sure most of the experienced traders here will agree with my forecast with charts
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    investment guidance needed

    i wish to start investing in mutual funds with a corpus of 30cr , my objective is long term SWP pension format after 5 years please suggest good funds that deliver a minimum of 15% returns per year in equity so that i can plan an SWP of say 8% per year after 5 years funds of either hdfc bank...
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    getting my feet wet for the first time

    introduction till now i have been a full time forex trader , i had avoided stock markets entirely mainly due to lack of knowledge , i did try once and the result terrified me lol. why this thread here i will start with one scrip at a time and post my analysis and actual trade on that scrip...
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    Are we on the edge right now?

    Just a few days before Lehman Brothers collapsed, credit rating agencies did not see any problems. Bank insiders, the Fed and other officials also said that there was nothing to worry about. The recession came unexpectedly and everybody was surprised that it came from the problems of one bank...
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    A Question if i may ask

    is there any trading platform similar to metatrader where i can write my own indicators and test my trading logic on demo ? also do let me know how to install them on linux, thanks
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    i can't think of an easier way to say this, but let me put it as a question so you can hunt the answers yourself Government bonds around the world are seeing lower yields, so is money getting scared about the global outlook?
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    please guide

    i have been doing a daily sip in icici bank, hdfc bank and larsen ; what other companies can i add to this basket ? also suggest companies which have seasonal swings
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    Maximum Alert

    Sometime back I had posted a thread called Red Alert and posted my views of the market in those prevailing conditions. Now, I felt I really need to bring to your attention a bubble which is so huge that when it bursts it will be like end times. Do your own research from the internet on...
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    Red Alert

    world stock markets crash process has been activated this is not a hoax, all i am requesting you guys is to play safe from here onwards avoid taking big risks for the next 18 months, trade with caution is all i am requesting you guys. exact same 2007 / 08 pattern, but this time it will...
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    I am planning to buy these for long term

    I am planning to buy these for long term, and yes this will be my first step into the world of stock market investing. Indiabulls Wholesale Services Binani Industries Essar Shipping Plethico Pharmaceuticals Kesar Enterprises Ansal Properties & Infrastructure
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    European stock market close- TIMBERRRRRR

    European stock market close 18 September 2015 FTSE 1.5% Cac -2.8% Dax -3.2% Ibex -2.5% FTSE Mib -2.7% European bonds Italy 1.77% -14bp Spain 1.95% -15bp Portugal 2.52% -15bp Germany 0.667% -11bp Greece 8.17% -19bp It could have been...
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    Importing Google data into MT4

    Dear experienced traders and forum moderator please guide me on how to import google eod data into mt4 for simple chart analysis. Sorry to moderator if i posted in wrong forum, but i am completely lost.
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    Alpari administrators calling in debt collection agency to collect on negative balanc

    Alpari administrators calling in debt collection agency to collect on negative balances KPMG call in CCI Legal to assist with Alpari negative balance collection According to a notice put up on the KPMG Alpari page they've signed up a debt collection firm to chase negative balances
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    Informed trading

    a simple common man question to all the experts out there. firstly, i have been in this business since 2006 so i believe i can ask this question how many of you knew about this recent snb action and were you prepared for it simple fact is this was decided in sept 2014 and executed now...
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    Beware !! Fresh Selling Expected

    From another thread, another forum. Above all the yen is expected to get a lot stronger sending nekkei further down in thecoming weeks. Make your own decisions wisely. ---------- Quote: Originally Posted by MPP View Post just caught this - any views on effects? 09:18 GBP/USD...
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    Surprised !!!

    There are hardly any forex traders from India, just a few of them. What could be the reason guys, any ideas ??
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    1KT Certified Forex Trader

    I am a 1KT Certified Fx trader on forums. [id forexlion on FF] A professional full time trader and an Introducing broker for Interbankfx. Apart from this I write my own indicators and expert advisors in forex charting. I am a purely technicals based chart trader, who does not...
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    Trade, Compete and Win !! -- Begins the first of each month

    Trade, Compete and Win !! -- Begins the first of each month * Each Month over $1750 Will Be Awarded to the Top 3 Standard Account Holders with the Highest Percentage Gain. * This is NOT a DEMO Contest, this is a LIVE Trading Competition. * Only Traders Registered at...