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    fastest equity growth in a day, rather in 2 hours

    knrcon 15 minute Stock Breakouts, Technical Analysis Scanner Sr. Stock Name Symbol Links % Chg Price Volume 11 Knr Constructions Limited KNRCON P&F | F.A 16.11% 470 1,846,910 6 Strides Shasun Limited STAR P&F | F.A 10.11% 880.4 556,867 1...
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    forget everything, i signed up with zerodha and god i am loving it, 30% weekly is not a bad return in eurusd , must say :) and also paying my taxes regularly :)
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    they are auto caculated by zigzag indicator as move in pips
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    i do nor trade for ex but yes i trade forex for myself :)
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    contact me

    can i see a eurusd chart on your platform please if i like the basic functionality of MA on chart, i will join right away, because i am seriously looking for a broker
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    then suggest sebi regulated broker with mt4 OR with script writing tools so i can code my own custom indicator to guide me in my trade planning
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    i am looking for a reliable fx broker with local funding it should be regulated on a continent only. contact me if you know any o i can start immediately
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    just a full time trader :)

    just a full time trader :)
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    Indian Stock Market Headed For A Crash!!

    research each company you wish to trade thoroughly fist, know what it does and what it can do, after all you are buying a share in that company, first find out reason why you should buy it, and find the reason yourself not from others
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    Indian Stock Market Headed For A Crash!!

    whichever tide the market goes our job is to make money :)
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    Kind Request to members [ MT4 ]

    if i am able to get nse tick data in MT4 then i can very accurately predict what that stock will do in the coming 1 hours to monthly scenario and i am sure most of the experienced traders here will agree with my forecast with charts
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    investment guidance needed

    i wish to start investing in mutual funds with a corpus of 30cr , my objective is long term SWP pension format after 5 years please suggest good funds that deliver a minimum of 15% returns per year in equity so that i can plan an SWP of say 8% per year after 5 years funds of either hdfc bank...
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    Be careful of FX brokers with office in India

    there are 100 ways to earn money in fx from India without breaking any RBI rules , infact even without investing a single rupee\
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    getting my feet wet for the first time

    well so far a good start, but wish i had a weekly chart in mt4
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    getting my feet wet for the first time

    so far i am using this setup to read charts, but i cannot get weekly or monthly charts with this, any ideas how to get weekly and monthly charts also in mt4 ?
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    getting my feet wet for the first time

    introduction till now i have been a full time forex trader , i had avoided stock markets entirely mainly due to lack of knowledge , i did try once and the result terrified me lol. why this thread here i will start with one scrip at a time and post my analysis and actual trade on that scrip...
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    Jio subscriptions - could be very significant already!

    I moved from Reliance Big TV to tata Sky just because of high cost and poor customer service. on tata sky i never had to complain for anything !!!
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    Are we on the edge right now?

    Just a few days before Lehman Brothers collapsed, credit rating agencies did not see any problems. Bank insiders, the Fed and other officials also said that there was nothing to worry about. The recession came unexpectedly and everybody was surprised that it came from the problems of one bank...