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    Small & midcaps could see over 20% contraction

    Smallcaps and midcaps could see a substantial contraction in their multiples (>20%) and largecaps could see 10-15% contraction to get valuations closer to underlying fundamentals
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    Markets may not see another meaningful correction in 2018

    The real risk to the domestic markets is global selloff which could lead to material correction.
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    MOSL: #WCS Quality, Growth and Longevity all have to be in place for Wealth Creation
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    #WCS Theme of the 22nd Wealth Creation Study 2017

    MOSL: #WCS Theme of the 22nd Wealth Creation Study 2017: CAP & GAP: Power of longevity in Wealth Creation
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    TCS tops MOSL's wealth creation list; Coal India, Bhel wealth destroyers
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    MOSL #WCS | There has been a shift of 20% in mkt share to private sector banks from PSU banks in last 22 years, says @HDFC_Bank Deputy MD
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    General Trading Chat

    Nindia17!Mahesh20 No... on which criteria?
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    Mutual fund returns

    Some MF's dont allow u to withdraw before a year and then there is an exit load that usually nullifies the benefit of withdrawing. Last years phenomenon is a one time if u look at MF's performance 2
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    General Trading Chat

    Im sceptical now :(
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    Annual Report Threadbare ART

    Time for quarter 2 performance reports of various companies... I read lupin ltd report.. though the revenue changed to positive it doesnt seem encouraging. What do you suggest?
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    General Trading Chat

    Shah's quote if certain scrips rally and rise beyond these designated limits in March, the stocks will be sold and profits will be booked accordingly. “There is an element of active in this passive (investment),” said Shah. So they plan to recover the discount in march. Isn't it too early?