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    Guys whats ur viewpoint on BHEL and L&T from these level

    well whats your view on BHEL and L&T with keeping the view of new gov. comin up and doing something in terms of infrastructure. and "sarkari company".
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    What is your views on cadila healthcare?

    hi, want to know people`s views on Cadila Healthcare? what do you say? is this the right time to enter CH ? :)
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    Sun pharma = buy or hold or sell

    i have 50 shares of sun pharma, @ 607.00 now, what should be done in this regards? should i hold them in hope to increase in the election wave? or should i sell them & book the profit as i see i have entered at a high level? please app log apna rai de... Regards Vikash
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    Before & after affect of coming election 2014 on market ???

    Hi everyone, Please contribute your opinion on what going to happen till the election and after election, be careful to be the sector specific because stocks are huge and sectors are few let’s not get trapped in stock wise. Happy Trading, Vikash Kumar