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  1. Vmaster369

    Need a screener

    Need a screener for Equity I tried placeslike economictime money control but couln;t find thing i was looking for. If any one know a site or place or software or anything which can help in finding this plz do let meknow ty How to find all stocks listed on...
  2. Vmaster369

    Tax F&0 TurnOver

    Most of you know how it;s done but idiots like me dont know howit;s done This thread is for ppls like me i am sure there is always new me lol always and forever How to calculate turnover ? Example you buy HdfcBank Futures for 1450 and sell for 1400 Price __ Lot size qty____...
  3. Vmaster369

    Double or Sit like BEAR

    07/12/2020 1+2 =3 month wise So yeah lucky me lol Bought share price is already lower then i bought What a great start itls liek meeting Beautiful women and saying hey i got Pain in my jewles already lol IN 3 yrs time hopefully this one turns 664 . if luck is by my side even 1...
  4. Vmaster369

    Quest To find 126 Great Companies wanna help me ?

    HI i am on Quest to Find 126 Great company in stock market. Website Put your Fav company in above link if it says Greater than 18 in Quality Business Score(QBS) then plz do Reply in thread with company name NSE Listed 1580+...
  5. Vmaster369

    option scam rule penelty lol again

    just writing this so you can avoid penelty which i was forced to pay Finvasia is broker on Thursday i bought put of 9700 worth 12 lakhs on monday i sold same for 21 lakhs then i bought HDFC bank futures worth 19 lakhs same night magrgin short of 19 lakhs i got email and...
  6. Vmaster369

    Benjamin-Graham’s Formula for Intrinsic Value

    Benjamin-Graham’s Formula for Intrinsic Value enought learning for today
  7. Vmaster369

    mock trading

    I have bought equity and i have a forced lock down of 3 yrs so i am bored to death to decided to improve my trading . i am do virtual mock trading based on Live prices Best way to practice huh after 3 yrs i be 1%(not more )of Legendary trader i think Here i start my journey today i...
  8. Vmaster369

    The crash and the sunrise White walkers have sold 65000 crores till date 23/03/2020 . lakhs of ppls must have lost money in F&0 margin must have hit of lot of ppls and those who bought in 10% fall saw another 25% fall so they too...
  9. Vmaster369

    POA With broker if not trading for 1 -2 years

    HI i need advice I am not going to trade for very long time like 1-2 years I have shares in demate So is it good idea to revoke POA from broker ? or should i keep POA ? In case wrost condition llike market fall further and i am sure many broker will go Bust so is my share in demate...
  10. Vmaster369

    Water is Free ^^

    Hey Water is Free . I have made it free even for Birds Summer is comming . it doesn;t take much just a fill water in used soda plastic bottle . Reduce Reuse ^^ lol and it;s free . do change water everyday ty
  11. Vmaster369

    Buy right sit tight Or intraday

    I was on quest for finding out .. is it best to trade intraday or buy right sit tight Suppose you are very good intraday trader trading with 1 lot of Bank nifty and 90K capital in period of 18/10/2019 to 6/12/2019 34 days in trending market 1850 made in 1 day after brokerage...
  12. Vmaster369

    Why NOT to do OPtion Trading

    Trade option for 2week you don;t make money get off quit this segment coz it;s trap I am not fan of him but hear out what he has to say and i agree with him on this one. So grow up quit option trading join Equity and Index futures trading GOOD LUCK
  13. Vmaster369

    Vmaster361 Lessons Part1 "Whats Best Time Frame"

    Whats Best Time Frame ? It takes 4 minutes for Earth to move 1 degree so whatever time Frame u choose should be linked to number 4 or multiple of 4 4 minutes 4 hours 4 weeks I choose 4 hours :xD Thats closest to Daily time frame...
  14. Vmaster369

    VMaster vibration Trades

    Today i will start my trading journy documentation here 15/01/2020 today i went shorts in Bank nifty futures @ 31901.3 shorted 400 qty ... moment it goes 32600 i be dead uptill 32599 iw ill fight i have blood till 32599 Actually if i wasn;t that idiot Sl should have been...