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    L&T infrastructure fund direct

    but companies having majority of stake are booming. cant get effected by just 2 companies.
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    L&T infrastructure fund direct

    Hi, I am investing in L&T infrastructure mutual fund from last 2 years via monthly SIP. Althought the market is rising along with the companies in which this mutual fund invest, but this MF NAV itself is declining steeply. I am in loss of ~15%. Pls suggest if i keep investing?
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    Entry Load on existing purchase

    Hello, I had started investing in ICICI PRU TAX PLAN (G) & FRANKLIN TEMPLETON TAXSHIELD(G) in 2006 in the form of monthly SIP of 3000 each. Till now there has been 80-84 transactions in each fund. In 2006, there was entry load on each purchase. I just checked that entry load is getting...