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    S&P500 and DJIA done away

    So finally NSE has decided to do away the S&P500 and DJIA from derivatives. In any case given the poor liquidity it was inevitable. Guys, share your opinion if any of you traded them on NSE.
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    Fee for ITR Filing in Delhi

    Hi Friends, Any advise on what could be a fair and reasonable fee in Delhi for Income Tax Return Filing + incidental support for F&O trading + Professional income? TIA TradeDaTrend
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    Tax Audit

    Hi Folks, I trade in F&O. 98-99% in options. For taxation purpose I am calculating Turnover as advised by Zerodha Versity, I consider them competent enough to follow their advise. My Turnover for FY 2015-16 (AY 2016-17) is slightly more than 1 crore, i.e. turnover is 1.2 crore...
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    STT Calculation

    Hi Folks, As we know STT is setoff / reduced in our income tax liability arise on the account of trading. But how to calculate this STT? Open each and every contract note, write down the amount paid as STT in that contract note??? Hell of task in this way. Or there is someother way where we...
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    Established Discount Broker

    Hi Folks, Do any of you know about any ESTABLISHED Discount Broker who Accepts FD OR who offer Pledging of Liquid BEES WITHOUT any Haircut Safety of the fund is main aspect, not willing to go to fly by night ones. Please advise. TIA TradeDaTrend
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    Bank Nifty Weekly Options

    Hi Friends, 27th May onward NSE is starting Bank Nifty options with weekly expiry, i.e. with expiry on each Thursday. At a time seven week contracts shall be available for trading. What do you think shall this lead to more volatility in the market or volatility will be reduced...
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    Foreign Indices

    Foreign Indices like DJIA, FTSE, and S&P500 have been introduced in our market for quite some time. Never traded till now. Off late I wish to trade some small quantities (may 1 lot in starting) of them. But when I checked option prices of ATM strike price, I was to shocked to see zero...
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    Price trigger based trading / automated trading

    Dear Friends, I seek a small suggestion/guidance from you, about Trading on NSE. Do you know/think any way for some sort of priced based trading (you might call it automated trading too)? Let me make my query more clear, Suppose if nifty is trading it 7550 level Can I set a command through...
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    Most Liquid Options Script on NSE

    Dear Friends I have compiled a list of most liquid (I assume so) option scrips on NSE. You guys are requested to add any scrip which you consider Most Liquid in option segment. Or if you think any scrips given by me is not liquid in option segment, please suggest me to remove that. Your...