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    5paisa - Charges that my RM doesnt understand either

    Hi, I am some what new to trading and am currently using 5Paisa's Trader Terminal platform for online trading. I am billed with the following two type of charges every month: 1. To Being Intersettlement/Beneficiary charges 2. To CDSL DP Bills My RM, who is a total jerk, doesn't know...
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    Does anybody know about Indiabulls PIB?

    Hi seniors, I recently inquired at Indiabulls about their brokerage charges and I was told 0.10% (10 paisa) for intraday and 0.5% (50 paisa) for delivery. My monthly turnover is about 70 Lakhs.. How much Can I bargain? I am hoping to get 0.2% for delivery and 0.05% for intraday, do you think...
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    Good RM for 5Paisa and Indiabulls in Hyderabad

    Hi, If any of you are using 5paisa or indiabulls and find your RM some what responsible (am I asking too much?:), could you please refer his/her name & number to me? I would like to open an account from one of these with least brokerage. Appreciate your help in this regard. Thank you
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    Short-sell in Reliance Money

    Hi Veeru, Thanks you very much for the reply. But I am a novice, so just wanted to clarify my understanding: To shortsell, I need to put a sell order selecting product as Margin, right? Please do reply when you get time. Thank you!
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    Short-sell in Reliance Money

    Hi, Can any one please clarify if short-selling is possible in Reliance Money? I dont see an option for short sell in their Insta-Trade or Easy-Trade interfaces. Is it a limitation? Thanks!
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    What does a group mean, in BSE

    Hi, I am new to trading, could some one please tell me what is the significance of the groups here in this link?: Thanks, nobreaks