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    Why it is difficult to trade on tips given by others

    My interaction with another member in this forum in another thread made me to open this thread. Basically, to highlight the need for educating oneself in various aspects of trading (which many newbies do not even think about) and also to show why it is very difficult either to give tips or to...
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    Psychology of Intelligence - free ebook

    Dear friends, I have downloaded the book Psychology of Intelligence from CIA website. No copy right issues. It is free. I have began reading it and reached upto page no. 14. I found it very interesting and I feel it is a must read for every trader. Here is the link from where you can download...
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    Have you noticed this?

    Hello friends, Another thread on price, volume and time analysis. I am posting here a daily chart of Nifty (Index not futures) since January 2008 up to 14/01/2009. I would like you to note these points and if you notice anything more, kindly feel free to add in this thread. I...
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    Your honest opinion please

    Ok friends. It is time to have some fun and education. Look at the chart below. Name of the chart and X and Y axis values of the chart have been withheld for the time being. This is intentional. These have been omitted to avoid bias of whatsoever nature. Also, ignore the blue line...
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    Can it get any worse than this?

    This thread is reserved for buggers like this. Identify them and post their charts. By no means I am advocating a buy of the stocks posted in this thread. But let us be aware of these types of stocks. So that we can avoid buying them in future (for those investors - especially those funnymental...
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    Quote of the week

    If you torture a chart long enough, it will tell you anything you want to hear :D:D
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    How to remove this nuisance?

    Please see the picture below. You will see that there is no blank space between words. Instead there is a dot. Further there is a reverse P at the end of each paragraph. I do not how it appeared. I thought it some sort of paragraph formatting which has been activated accidentally. All...
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    Must read article from Brett Steenbarger

    Here it is A few trading observations * From working with developing traders, I'd say that 90% don't/can't sustain the process of keeping a substantive journal. Among the group that does journal, well over 90% of the entries are about themselves and their P/L. I almost never see journal...
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    Simple analysis

    Hello all, I was going through some charts, of course in a random manner. I noticed DLF chart. I have made a few comments on it. There are many more comments to be made. But if all of them are written there, it will clutter the chart. Basically these charts have been posted for newbies who...
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    Solve these Chart Puzzles!

    Dear members, Got these puzzles from a great trader in another forum. Copy Paste job is done by me. Read the attached word file. You will realise the importance of these puzzles. Donot forget to read the and realise the answer given by the master trader at the end. Thanks and happy learning...
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    How to enable vb code in Traderji?

    I have noticed that enabling vb code (especially img code) allows doing many things while posting messages in Traderji forum. Can anyone tell me how to enable it? I have tried editing options, profile etc. but that has not worked. Thanks in advance and regards R. S. Iyer
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    Guidance required

    Dear members, Recently I have heard that one can send money through paypal. I have also heard that paypal accepts Bank accounts situated in India. I have searched net for clear guidance. All that I could get is how to receive money through paypal to one's Bank acount in India. But the...
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    Help required

    Dear members, There were some hardware problems in my computer since last two days. Got rectified today. To my utter surprise, I am unable to log on to yahoo. I can view all other websites which I visit everyday. I am not an expert on software or website related issues. I am just curious to...
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    Information required

    Hello members, I want an information from you. I would like to know 1. Is there anybody providing IEOD data (1 minute or 5 minute format) for MCX and NCDEX traded commodities. Free or paid services. Information with regard to both types are most welcome. Please note - I am not talking...
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    Check your stock market GURU

    Hello friends, First of all thanks to Mr. Pankaj Chawla, a member of another forum, who posted this web link. Please visit this weblink. See the credibility of your "famous" stock GURUS. This rightly points the uselessness of the predicting stock market...
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    A tale of two stocks

    Dear friends, Please find herewith two charts of two different stocks. Well picture is worth thousands of words. So I am stopping here. But I appreciate your valuable comments on both these charts. Thanks and regards R. S. Iyer
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    Request to software code writing members of Traderji

    Request to software programming members of Traderji Hello friends, I am having one request to software programming members of this forum. Can any one of you write a simple programme (offline calculator) to calculate various fibonacci retracement and extension levels? Can you upload it here...
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    Does this scare you?

    Dear members, I am attaching two files with this post. First one is from Joe Ross himself. Second one is also from another equally good source. Needless to say a cut and paste job done by me. But go through them carefully. What is your opinion? Are you scared? Do you think that we will be...
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    Is there any such Indian print magazine?

    Hello members, Since last few months, I have been reading several Indian print magazines (such as Capital Market, Dalal Street Journal etc.) that are devoted to Indian stock markets. Almost all of them are serving the same staple food. Stock tips, so called research reports with regard to...
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    Please Help

    Hello members Just one ameture user's query on Metastock. How to effect price split in metastock? For example. Bonus Your help is much appriciated Thanks and regards R. S. Iyer