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    Vendor for MCX Real Time 1 min. Data

    Please suggest data vendors for MCX RT data in 1 min. time frame. I am not satisfied with the present set up I am using. Thanks.
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    Vanilla Bollinger Bands (2,20)

    Trying to find the direction with BB alone. All Futures Chart were used. BHEL Futures : After walking the Upper Band for almost 2 weeks, today it left and closed inside with a big down candle. Looks like the down move shall continue. One can Short below todays low. ICICI Bank futures : It...
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    Rising Price with rising Volume

    This is what I am doing : I am shortlisting stocks that meet the following criteria : CONDITION 1 : Current Close is > 5 period EMA of Close which is above 200 period EMA of Close CONDITION 2 : RSI of 14 period crosses 50 CONDITION 3 : Current Volume is greater than 5 period EMA of Volume...
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    My Option Trades without looking at OI or GREEKS

    Today , traded Heromotoco 2600 Call ! Bought it when EQ price crossed 2590 and exited in decent profits! Bought at ~45 and exited at >63 ! Call did a high of 78.50 and closed at 70 ! I plan to Buy NMDC 112.50 PUT tomorrow when a certain level of NMDC Spot is broken ! Shall Post the trade...
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    Thread missing

    I had started a thread on Naked Option Buying! I seem to have lost it. Is it possible that the same has been 'moved' to another Forum? :confused: In case I was Posting something inappropriate , :o surely it need to be closed but would be good if my mistake is pointed out to me ! This may...
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    UTD=Umesh's Trading Diary :) Position added on Friday around close:Equity segement : Vinyl India and Nucleus Soft Futures : None Shall go long on Monday in Hero Motors & Dabur depending on opening levels! Hero ~2590 and Dabur ~>288.50
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    A simple automatic Task, need help!

    At the open I wish to place orders in Nest or Odin Buy 5 different shares at or above a certain level and Sell 5 different shares at or above a certain level Placing the order one by one after market opens can render the levels null as the same may be crossed by the time I finish...
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    Suggest 5 Stocks in Nifty 50 !

    Please suggest according to you the best 5 stocks in the Nifty Fifty Pack for Swing Trades for 2 to 10 days holding ! Do you think its an added advantage if these stocks are from 5 different Sectors? I plan to have maximum 5 open positions in these stock and the same may be Long in 3 and...
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    Practice account on NSE site!

    One can have a practice account on NSE site and test his/her strategy! Go to : and follow the cues on line! Simple and easy.
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    Smart Cities and Make in India and Swachh Bharat

    Please share the names and your views on which Listed companies will be benefited by : Namo's "make in India" and "smart cities" and 'swachh bharat' theme !!!
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    LIQUID STOCKS other than Nifty and FnO

    Please post the names of top 10 stocks that you know are most liquid other than the Nifty 50 Stocks and also exclude stocks in Future segment. Ofcourse all Nifty50 stocks are there in Future segment! :p
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    Whats the difference : Expansion External HDD and Back up External HDD

    I am planning to by a External HDD for back up storage. While searching I cam across these terms in items of Seagate : Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive (Price 4057) Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive (Price 4360) What is the difference? Please...
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    Crude Intraday Trades

    Trades posted in this thread copied here : 6th May 2014 1:51 PM Had bad day till now : Long 2 lots at 6005, reversed to short at 5997 = Loss 20 points Short 2 lots at 5997, reversed to long at 6001 = Loss 10...
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    BNF ! Seeking help for Intraday T1 and T2

    Hi Friends, I have been trading BNF successfully by Tukka Style trading..... not fully tukka, taking assistance with Intraday chart of 15 minutes, 5 min. and 30 min. 15 min. chart is the main on the basis of which I trade. Something like triple screen trading but not really ! As I have access...
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    BNF Intraday levels based on 15 min chart

    An excellent R:R play today, there is no BUY signal as yet, but good opportunity to go long above 11200 with 11149 as SL ! Target can be 100+ points ! As I am typing the trade was triggered !
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    Selling Deep out of Money Options!!

    My mentor , a friend and me... we have developed an indicator in Metastock where we get certain level in Nifty future and the same is not breached for the entire current Derivative month. It was backtested right from almost the inception of Nifty, September 2000! We have the data , but the...
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    Which Printer

    Need to BUY a Printer!! Approx. use 200 to 250 pages to be printed in a month. Please suggest in terms of Printer Price and ReplacementPrint Cartridge price. Is it better to use Printer scanner copier? Have minimal use for copier and scanner. Not much interest in Colour Print too! All...
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    You've Got a Great Trading System. So Why Are You Losing?

    You've Got a Great Trading System. So Why Are You Losing? You've done your homework. Countless hours of seeking out the right guru (or piecing together your own system). Weeks of monitoring your guru's daily trade picks (or paper-trading and back-testing your homemade system). You've...
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    Money Gurukul

    Seeking views on TA Course by Money Gurukul. A 50 hours theory and 50 hours on hand practicle Live Trading in the market includes TA, Money Management, Psychology etc. Any one who has done it please comment. A friend of mine who attended the intro class said it was impressive but the Medium of...
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    Starting this Diary, Noting my actions in Stock Market to generate minimum Rs.50000.00 per month. Will sell Bata Futures one lot below < Rs.600, SL will be 620, and target may be below 560/- Why am I initiating a Sell : There is a big divergence in Indicator and Price. Have ceased to...