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    Nse Equity EOD Data Bhav Copy Files From 1995 to 2017

    thank you for your help, I have downloaded all the files how to download the current data till date from 2017 the ABCD is giving an error message. kidly help Charankpm.
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    Stop loss equation

    Is this the indicator youre searching for?? Stop Loss Formula {?? ???????? ????? ??? ???? ??? ??????????????? ??? ?????????? ?? ?????? ??? 1 ??? 50 ??? ???????? ?? default ??? 3 ?????} Days:=Input("???????? ??? ???????? ????? ????? : ",1,50,3); {???? ?? ??????? ??? ???????? ??} {...
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    Any Online Techinical Analysis learning Site Or Classes

    Go thro the thread "teach a man to fish by saint nothing to match it download the PDF for reading charan
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    Ready Reckoner Dictionary On T/a

    Sit on hand - with out doing anything
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    Going With The 60min Flow!!!

    Re: Live discussion Saint's - 60 minute flow That is the power for the letters s.a.i.n.t. charan...:clapping:
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    Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

    delete the space even in no ,doc, html up to the end i also had the same problem then it worked right charan
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    Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

    TRAIL STOP:Let us take the trade as long so that I don't have to repeat the same thing twice.......basically vice versa for shorts.......The second bar of the day(60min bar) puts in a Hgher high and higher low(hope you get it,not higher pivot high and low......just higher high and low.Now the...
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    Going With The 60min Flow!!!

    open the attached files and see
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    Going With The 60min Flow!!!

    asishda pl see this indicator will help ? Which i am using it in metastock it will identify the pivots and stay in it's earlier Position even a new PH OR PL forms charan
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    Going With The 60min Flow!!!

    saint 1.02am to 5.02am when the whole selfish world is sleeping you are working selflessly for others no words to express my feelings charan
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    Queries From "Teach a Man to..." thread!!

    gandhi here is the attachment for metastock by karthick it is working excellent but one small problem since it is working based on zig-zag the pivot labeling is getting changed quite often if it is corrected to have the previous label intact even though the new pivot is formed nothing like this...
  12. C Kolkata Meet

    asish I asked for the expert adviser used in the attachment yes I will once again go through teach a man to get fish Thank you charan
  13. C Kolkata Meet

    Thank you very much asish this one I have already put in my metastock indicator What I actually required is the expert adviser you have used in the sample chart you have posted to indicate saint's pivot point with left arrow and right Arrow to indicate the pivot high and the pivot low. Also...
  14. C Kolkata Meet

    asish pl post the kolkata indicator in the above formet so that i can copy and paste directly in metastock the file i downloaded is not geting open thank you charan
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    NSE EOD Datadownload tool

    Pl explain in steps how to down load this Is it possible to use this data in metastock? regards charan
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    Teach A Man To Fish And.........

    However strong the sail maybe if we dont know how to adjust we will not find our way Thanks for teaching us how to navigate charankpm
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    How to create Index Sector Chart

    ajay If you could move this thread with little more stuff it will be better for beginners like me to understand the sector rotation Regards charan
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    Saint's Pivot Method put to practice.

    Re: Monday's Trades. pl give the direction of the entries with buy and sell arrows it will give even clearer picture thankyou very much charan
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    60 minutes range breakout

    hi stumper thanks for the good explanation i think you are using esignal pl advice me where to get it in india
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    Realtime Intraday Indian Stock Charts

    pl give his email or mobile regards charankpm