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    StockD - Another NSE EOD Data Downloader

    Hi Virresj ji, thanks for considering to add options. please consider the below: 1. the symbol data as per nse (options) is of the format optidx/optstk symbol expiry (dd-mmm-yyyy) strike ce/pe 2. data can be extracted as symbol strike ce/pe (expiry as m1/m2/m3 or w1/w2/w3 for nifty banknifty)...
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    StockD - Another NSE EOD Data Downloader

    can we download options data also.
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    Excel EOD Bhav Copy Downloader for Equity,Index,Future & Option (NseEIFO)

    download link not working please update
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    Another Bhavcopy Downloader (ABCD)

    any help how to rename the options data similar to the futures data, so as to make it a single symbol in amibroker. for ex hdfc bank 2000 ce is refered as different symbol name in amibroker for different months/expiry, how to make it as hdfc bank 2000 ce-I for the near contracts -> just like it...