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    Should i Go Long in Adani Power?

    Adani Power posted excellent results today. i am having 150 shares at 55. My time horizon is 8-10 months. Is it advisable to go long in it? Most of the views say to sell at 60-65. Thanking You
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    Invested In Adani Enterprise. Need Guidance

    Hello I have 100 shares of Adani Enterprises at 465. Should i hold them for short term or should i book loss already? It would be grateful to have insights of seasoned traders and technical analysts Thank You
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    Does Adani Power has any steam left?

    Hello Everyone Everyone must be aware of the run ADANI POWER is having. Even today as the CEO of adani power was trying to comfort the investors the stock was up by around 2 rupees as he was speaking. Most of the brokers have buy call till 60. Since all other adani stocks have broke their 52...
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    How to Enter & Exist For Dividends?

    Hello Everyone! I have 100 shares each in Syndicate Bank and Dena Bank respectively. I want to exit them now but they have announced about dividend which i dont want to miss. 1)What is interm dividend? how can i know when a company pays interm dividend? 2)Before how many days should i...
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    Recommendation On DENA BANK?

    Hello, Out of public sector banks Dena Bank has still not rised ahead. I brought 100 shares today at 61. It would be of great help if technical analysts and fundamentalists can let me know the expected movement of the bank in the next 15-20 days Thanking you
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    Morgan Stanley BUYS Jindal Steel

    Hello Everyone. Everyone knows today JSPL was the highest gainer reporting an intraday movement of +14 rupees approx. It is just showing in the news that Morgan Stanley has bought 17644922 shares. From the last few weeks the technicals was also strong for JSPL. Where do professional...
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    Power Grid Corporation : BUY / SELL?

    Hello I have 100 shares of Power Grid Corporation at Rs 100 since a week. I brought it believing the oncoming FPO will give it a 5 rupee boost. However, when the whole market is aiming for pluto, this stock is plummeting more and more. I would like to hear the advise of fellow traders if i...
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    Advise on Sintex Industries

    Hello Everyone! Would it be a good decision to invest in Sintex Industries for a short term perspective (30 trading day perspective). The 5 year chart doesn't look good from a fundamental perspective but i think its in play since it has given around 10 rupee gain in the last 5 days and almost...
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    Advise On Yes Bank

    Hello Everyone I had entered Yes Bank @313 and holding it till now. However, it seems that market uptrend is not having much impact on it. Also the pre open price today was 361. but opened at a mere 320. Though the fundamentals say its bullish, i dont find the same sentiment in the stock. So...
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    Want to Enter TATA POWER for Short Term.

    Hello Is it a good time to enter TATA POWER at current levels? i am willing to hold the position for no more than 2 months. Since, i dont know technical analysis, i am looking forward to analysts. Also, if you have any alternative stock please do feel free to share. Thank You
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    Is it a good time to enter Bankex?

    Hello I am planning to invest in Banking Sector for the next 2 months. Is it a good time to enter now? I already have stocks of Yes Bank and Bank of India at 287 and 150 respectively. Should i hold them more or sell? Also, if i were to enter bankex now, which banks would you recommend?
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    Investors View on Jindal Steel and Power?

    Hello, I am interested in knowing the view of both fundamental and technical analysts on Jindal Steel And Power. I have entered Jindal S&P at 225, and want to get out within the end of this month. 1)The buy back is at around 260. If the buy back happens within the month, will the stock rise...
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    Fate of Banking Stocks by October?

    Hello, I have 50 shares of Yes Bank @ 287 and 50 of Bank of India at @150, i am interested in knowing what is the speculated price of those by the end of september. Most of the banks have crashed 40-50%, mainly because of the rupee and nifty crash. Is it going to crash more or the time for...
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    Jp associates buy or sell?

    Hello Friends, Is it advisable to enter JP ASSOCIATES at current price ranges? I want a short term position of around 6 months (can extend it but dont want to) One of the folks i know has advised that JP can rise to around 45 in the next few months. And also i see ICICIDirect having a buy...
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    Intraday BHEL on Monday?

    Hello, Is it safe to go intraday on BHEL on monday? (July 22nd 2013). I am planning to into trade with BHEL on monday with target of 180 on the same day. Is it possible according to technical analysts? If not, what is the expectancy of BHELS target on monday? Also I am planning to go for the...
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    Instinct and Equities.

    Hello. Me and one of my friends have finally decided to invest 50k together in stocks, and playing solely intraday. However, none of us has any technical analysis experience and nor can we say the difference between macd and bollingers point (if i spelled those correct). However, i have had an...
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    High Minimum Brokerage For Buying 1 Stock!

    Hello Friends I recently opened a new trading account with PACE STOCK BROKERS. Yesterday i was checking out there software by buying and selling a single NTPC share The problem is when i checked the report it says i have been charged a minimum brokerage of 24.92. Why is that? they claimed...
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    Some General Doubts About Stock Market?

    Hello! I have recently opened an trading account with Pace Stock Broking Services and would like to get some doubts cleared. I have already searched google but could not find any significant help. If anyone can help me with the following issues, it will really be a great help. 1) I have...
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    Sharkhan Automatically Sold My Stocks!!!???

    Hello I recently joined sharekhan and started using their TraderTiger Software I decided to try the software and bought 1 share of DENABANK just for educating myself with the software. However, sharekhan automatically sold my stocks at the end of the day even if i didnt want to!!!! Is there...
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    Sharekhan Brokrage Charges 2012?(-Excel Attached)

    Hello I am going to open a trading account and have shortlisted Sharekhans Tradetiger account, since i am going for intraday im interested in knowing brokerages charges of sharekhan. Ive read some reviews which say its 0.10% on buy and sell side while others say its 5 paise per stock...