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    Axis direct provide emargin - they provide 75% margin for delivery shares up to 90 days

    So may I know what kind of problem you have with Samco?
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    Axis direct provide emargin - they provide 75% margin for delivery shares up to 90 days

    Do you have an account with SAMCO ? I have read many negative reviews so I am concerned.
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    Axis direct provide emargin - they provide 75% margin for delivery shares up to 90 days

    Hello I found axis direct provides 75% margin for you to hold delivery shares up to 90 days @ 18% interest PA But I thought sebi stopped such practice ? or those rules are not implemented yet? Does IIFL provide such margin for their Z20 plan? Or any other broker like Angel provide such?
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    1. Does Fyers offer cdsl easiest facility so we can transfer shares to other brokers or other BOID? 2. Does Fyers charge any additional brokerage if sold call or put stock options becomes in the money and we have to give or take delivery of the whole lot ? 3. After we make IMPS transfer via...
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    To avoid short margin penalty can we deposit cheque next working day in to broker's bank's local branch?

    Unfortunately for brokers like Zerodha, Finvasia and more ..daily margin statement comes next day morning ..or at least during midnight so we would not know there is a shortfall until next day can we go to bank and deposit cheque next bank working day ? Of course date on cheque would be...
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    So to be clear...lets say I found that yesterday I had short margin so can I go to bank today to deposit the cheque worth shortfall to avoid penalty ...ofcourse date I will write on cheque would be yesterday (in other words date on which shortfall occured)
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    Where to get live (real time) block /bulk / large deals data ?

    I am trying to find a source ..I could not find on BSE / NSE there any other source or way I can get this large deals data in real time?
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    Buy FUT Sell CALL

    @SarangSood - I have this question ...lets say I sold a stock call option 2 week before expiry and against my view ..stock is going up and up ...and it looks like it will be above my strike price on expiry can I buy future just a day before or on expiry day (because I don't have that stock...
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    Can I sell call and buy future during last week if call options MTM is in loss?

    Lets say I sold 650 CE Tata consumer thinking it will not go above 650 but somehow it goes up and up and close to expiry …I am convinced it will settle above 650 on expiry date so…I am suppose to give delivery of the whole lot but I don’t have stock in demat …so can I buy future a week before...
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    Please suggest options tools website/software with live data

    I am aware of opstra/sensibull/ but are there any more that I am not aware of? I am trying find a site where I can see options strangle premium on chart and vwap and ema plotted on 10 min chart.
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    do you allow PMO (post market) .....if yes 9.01 to 9.08?
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    @Finvasia - I want to understand RMS policy about writing stock put option and taking delivery. Lets say I write a stock put option and it becomes in the money and instead of booking loss ..I want to take delivery .. So I understand you would need full contract value in my trading account before...
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    I am tradingview paid user and want to use their strategies for algo trading

    OK thanks you know if Fyers provide margin against shares we have in their demat? if yes do they charge any interest on such margin?
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    I am tradingview paid user and want to use their strategies for algo trading

    Thanks @sumosanammain - Ok thanks for clarifying that I need both API and APIbridge. Do you know if aliceblue provides free api bridge if not how much they charge for bridge? (I know they provide free api but not sure about api bridge) Also what about angel broking - any idea how much they...
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    I am tradingview paid user and want to use their strategies for algo trading

    I am a pro user of tradingview and want to algo trade using webhook. So my understanding is -- 1. I need a broker who provides api but do I need api bridge as well? ( I think I need api bridge as well to make a bridge between broker provided api and tradingview strategy correct me if am...
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    Best broker for algo trading in India?

    Which one is the best broker in India for algo trading? I am confused between angel broking/ fyers and aliceblue ..please give feedback on both. I dont want to pay Zerodha or upstox their api cost. I believe - angel/aliceblue and fyers - all 3 provide free api I am PRO user for tradingivew...
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    Which broker in India providing NEST

    Which broker is providing NEST for trading in India?
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    Angel Broking

    1. Is it still compulsory to give POA or we can just use CDSl tpin? 2. Do you provide collateral margin against shares I have in demat account- if yes do you charge any interest on that? 3. If a sold put option is assigned - and I have to take delivery - are there any additional charges for...
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    @Finvasia - We recently tried to create a credit spread in Shoonya created 'long' position first and than tried to create 'short' position but system asked for full margin - even though I already had a long position for the same scrip ... I think its is a big bug ...and even though sebi has...
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    Is any broker provide Metatrader 4 or 5 for MCX in India???

    How much is the cost for ant bridge per month/ year?