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  1. ocil

    Multiple order Window in NEST / PI / Kite

    Hello Friends is there any hack to open Multiple order window in trading terminal? Thanks for your help.
  2. ocil

    Wintrade to Amibroker

    Can any one help me to convert wintrader 7 mt4 indicator to amibroker. I have recently purchased the system.But not happy with mt4 software. I am ready to pay for this service. Pls help. Pls find below the link. Thanks for your help.
  3. ocil

    Amibroker to PI Auto Trading Software

    Hi I am looking for Amibroker to PI auto trading software. I have search the google also but fail to get any info. So pls advice if anyone has info related to software. I am looking for paid service. Thanks for help.
  4. ocil

    I need Help

    Hi I am using below code to exit my trade in intraday. But i am facing small problem After closing my trade at 3.15 I still received new signal after 3.15. I want no signal after 3.15. Also i have to closed my call on 3.15 is there any way to generate exit call at 3.15 in afl . Thanks for your...
  5. ocil

    Can any one code this logic.

    logic for buy entry : one minute EMA(90) crossing over one minute EMA(390) ( meaning the previous minute ema 90 is less than ema 390) and the ema(90) should also be greater than ema(150) logic for buy exit : one minute EMA(90) > EMA(390) and the ema(90) < ema(150). logic for sell...
  6. ocil

    FIX point candle in Amibroker

    Hi friends is there way to plot fix point candle or bar in amibroker. For example For one candle 5 point movement is required .So there is no limit for candles for intraday its depend on how much movement on that day. ...every 5 or 10 point one candle. ..Any thought... :thumb:
  7. ocil

    Help to plot price AFL

    Hi I need help to plot price in amiboker when signal is buy all candle should green until signal reverse. Same in sell signal after that all the candle is red. :) Can any one help me?
  8. ocil

    MT4 to Amibroker

    Hi seniors can any one advice me what crossover used by attached mt4 indicators. name is t3 clean. upload an image Pls find attached the file also.[/code]"]
  9. ocil

    Need Help for Email alert for Amibroker

    Hi can any one help me I have added below to AFL for e-mail alert & i am reeving email alert but not 1 i received around 30 to 50 mails...My requirement is after 7M candle close & buy or sell signal is generated then this e-mail alert should generate not within 7M candle. Pls help I am new to...
  10. ocil

    Intraday Trading with Gann

    Hello to all Members...This thread only for nifty intraday trader with Gann Calculator.......this Week I have booked 590 nifty points. Let discuss how we can use this Gann Calculator for good performance & minimize the loss. Pls note with Gann I am also using Daily pivot & Daily support/...
  11. ocil

    How to Hide AFL exe time in Amibroker

    Hi I am new to Amibroker. Can some one help me to this issue. i am not be able to hide this. See the attached file.. Thanks for help