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    need suggestion in option scalping

    Hi friends, My trading plan: 1. Broker - zerodha 2. trade option just OTM (for high fluctuation) 3. trade 500 qty of nifty option 4. target = Rs 0.5 5. sl = rs.1.5 6. it should be bracket order my plan is to keep target very small so that it will hit very easily. keeping sl just in...
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    Trading with BolingerBand

    Hi All, We have learn lots of methods of trading in this forum, but in many case I failed to apply the same as it ask for some setup and then we need confirmation for the same. Recently I am trading using BB and it gave me good results although not 100% successful, as in the case with...
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    Difference between Regular and Hidden divergance

    Hi Can any one tell me what is difference between Regular +ve divergance and Hidden -ve divergance OR Regular -ve divergance and Hidden +ve divergance. thanks in advance Nishant
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    Live Day trading videos with indian example

    Hi, Thanks to all the Traders for sharing their trading strategy and teach us all your trading techniques. but many a time i find it difficult to apply that stuff in the live market. I have search live trading videos and found none from any Indian. So please all the seniors' out there...
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    Hi all I had shot Unitech and was not able to buy it today. my MTM cash is showing good profit but it didnt sold automatically as I was using margin money (as I was banking upon to but the stock automatically at 3:10 pm). I am using TradeTige. What will happen when will be able to but that again?
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    Stoploss in day trading

    Hi all, Is it advisable to put a stoploss in day trading as many a times market goes in the same direction as i have analysed, but it touches SL and goes little up and then moves in the direction I analysed. Am I putting SL wrong or I should not put SL in Intraday trading. Nishant
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    Need advice about DLF

    Hi all I need an advice about DLF. I have purchased it @ 390. any suggestion from technical experts. thanks in advance Nishant
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    How to put SL and Target together

    Hi all, Can we set SL and Target price at the same time?
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    How to read order book

    How to Market depth Hi Guys, I m a day trader. and I get mixed result, someone told me that it is necessary to read market depth(the top 5 bid and offer prices) for interaday trading. can anyone tell me how to read it and benifit from it? thanks Nishant
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    Help me understand this chart

    Hi Can anyone help me to understand the attached intraday chart of Appolotyres. I have marked in white circle. How can we makeout such move of any stock. thanks in advance Nishant
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    TA Course in bhopal

    Hi all, Can anyone help me with the Technical analysis course in Bhopal. Nishant
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    BSE vs NSE

    Hi All, Can anyone suggest which exchange is best to trade with and why? thanks, Nishant
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    Calculate Option price

    Hi All, I am new to option trading and want to learn how to calculate option price. I am planning to trade in stock i.e. American style. Which method or Model is best for it. Can any one suggest the link or good book which I can read(Indian context). One more thing: does arbitrage exists...
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    RK Global or Reliance Money

    Hi I am planning to enter into option trading and a bit confuse which broker to choose. I will play positional and will play in stock. which broker should i chose from the above? thanks Nishant
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    Trailing Stop loss in Motilal Oswal

    Hi Guys Can anyone tell me how to use trailing stop loss in motilal oswal. thanks Nishant
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    Sector wise information for stock selection

    Hi All, It is very important to know the performance of sector and its individual stocks. As we know Nifty's performance is depend on some particular scripts. How can I know which are the key scripts which drives the Nifty. And also How to get the sector wise information (EOD charts)...
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    help with di+ and di- crossover

    Hi All, I have try to search to understand the concept of di+ and di- crossover. can any one help me out with this or guide me the thread which has this information. thanks, Nishant
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    how to add nifty future or mini nifty as script

    hi guys i have tried many combination to add nifty or mini nifty to add as a script but unable to do so. can any one help me to solve this problem. thanks Nishant
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    Trading pattern as per days of week

    Hi Guys I am new to trading and looking for the kind of research people has made. Does any one has observed the trading pattern depend on the "days of the week" or "week of the month". thanks Nishant
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    Google Finance

    Hi I am using Google finance service to see the live charts. is it good to use or should I chose paid service from ichart or investbills. please suggest!!! thanks Nishant