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    Worth Subscribing--"Market-Data-Provider"

    By all means, go for it!
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    Market-Data-Provider review....

    I have been using RT1 for almost a year, performs quite well. No downtimes & failures worth mentioning, these guys keep the sofware updated too & keep on adding new features! Very helpful customer support staff! Highly recommended!
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    Help needed for AFL code

    Adheer is the guy u are looking for :-) Share it with us too, when its done!
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    Amibroker users plz advice

    TRY This _SECTION_BEGIN("Ensign Volatility Stop"); // Ensign Volatility Stop // get the multiple of 9 period EMA of ATR_Ensign k=Param("multiplication factor", 1,0.5,5,0.1); period=k*9; VS_raw = 2.5 * EMA(ATR(1), period); // for longs, VS line is below price loline = VS_below_price =...
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    Help with Odin On Vista

    Leave alone Vista, its even runs fine on Windows 7 Beta!
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    Let's beat the bear

    Good one, Hanuman ji Bhala Karein:D
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    Help on Elliot25()

    Re: Help on Elliot25() to Piyush Singh Hi, I told u last time too, that I am not an EWT user myself. Other experienced members are there to help u out. Vikram??? All the best!
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    ODIN/***** realtime data to Amibroker, Metastock, Fcharts, Excel & txt with Backfill

    Re: ODIN/***** realtime data to Amibroker, Metastock, Fcharts, Excel & txt with Backf Hello, I have a problem pertaining to a friend who runs a dealer version of ODIN, on VSAT. Chartsdata, on starting gives a message that an internet connection is not available on his system. Whats the way out...
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    Cash & Future IEOD Database For Amibroker

    mukdu, use "Import Wizard" in Amibroker, setup the column profiles & import. U shd. save this format so that it can be used everyday, without using the wizard!
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    Yeah, mind if we have a look?
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    VWAP with std. deviation

    _SECTION_BEGIN("VWAP"); /* The VWAP for a stock is calculated by adding the dollars traded for every transaction in that stock ("price" x "number of shares traded") and dividing the total shares traded. A VWAP is computed from the Open of the market to the market Close, AND is...
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    Elliot Wave AFL by Piyush Singh - Wonderful

    Hi, I would leave that query to be answered by more the knowledgeable Elliot Wave/Ami Coders users amongst us. Sorry, cant help much, Regards.
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    Cash & Future IEOD Database For Amibroker

    ERROR You want to download the following file: http://**********.com/files/175862556/IEOD_Cash_22-12-2008.rar | 276677 KB This file is larger than 200 Megabyte. To download this file, you either need a Premium Account, or the owner of this file may carry the downloading cost by making use of...
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    Rmo atm

    //RMO //1st look that a buy arrow have appeared. its 1st condition. //2nd look if bar is blue. Say next bar is blue. Now, //3rd Now wait for riboon to appear blue. when its happens too. take that bars High as Buy stop. means once this High is crossed Buy trigred _SECTION_BEGIN("RMO")...
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    Owndata 2.6 is out

    How can Tradestation be used with Owndata to read RT data in metastock format? Pls. help out!
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    Afl required

    //VIDYA is an acronym of Variable Index DYnamic Average. The VIDYA is an exponential moving average that automatically adjusts the smoothing weight based on the volatility of the data series. The more volatile the data is, the more weight is given to the more recent values. The VIDYA solves a...
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    Trading Strategy AFLs

    4 s h a r e d . c o m
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    Working code for Markos Katsanos formulae

    Here's the message: The April and May 2005 issue of TASC has articles by Markos Katsanos on his Flags and Pennants Trading System. The May issue has the Metastock code for the system in the article called, "Detecting Breakouts from Flags & Pennants". I thought it would be interesting to...
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    Making These RSI divergence AFLs Non-Future Looking

    I would like to request the members to share any RSI/MACD Divergence plotting AFLs that do not reference future quotes, so that they may be relied to in trading! Or maybe help me, by making these future referencing AFLs, non-future looking. // RSI Divergence - Plot and Explore...
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    Amibroker: Links, Articles, discussions & more

    Portal I am not sure of, instead u may try Sharekhan's Tradetiger software!