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  1. shanki99

    Wanna Trade with me? LIVE LIVE LIVE

    This forum is great and i wud like to give it back to them by starting this thread. This is for those marginal traders who normally wud trade in Cash Market and also for those of you who still find it tough to set ur feet comfortably on the ground. Starting tomorrow, i will just post my...
  2. shanki99

    Time stamp and how Ami takes data to form a bar

    Is there any setting in AMI which makes it to take complete minute data for drawing a bar?? For eg in 5 min TF, ami takes data like 9 04, 9 09, 9 14 etc to form bars. Instead can it take data like 9 05 , 9 10, 9 15 etc??? Iam asking this bcos, google's ieod data comes in completed minutes...
  3. shanki99

    PLOTTEXT - how to write this??

    PlotText("FFF", LastValue(BarIndex())+1, Line1, colorOrange); How to convert this line of AFL so that it shows:- 1. Shows "FFF" at the end of last trading day + Value in-terms of Rupees of Line1 (for eg FFF 723.8) 2. Shows "FFF" only after 10am current day today I tried my level...
  4. shanki99

    FIBO afl

    First, my heartfelt thanx to all those who tirelessly help others in this forum Can someone post AFL for calculating Fibo levels automatically based on yesterday's High and low....iam really tired of doing this exercise daily, that too on many scrips.... --Lines are to extend till one hour on...
  5. shanki99

    TAIO indicator

    I hear abt TAIO indicator ....What is TAIO indicator?? My search for an AFL was in vain any AFL for the same??
  6. shanki99

    Range bars and TimeFrameSet

    Ami Gurus I need an indicator based on 10 min chart placed on a Range bar chart. Is this possible using Timeframeset, bcos, Range bars cut across minute chart?? If not possible what is the way out....plz help
  7. shanki99

    Color changes acc to Line direction

    Gurus Plz help me out with a reference on -- How to make any line like RSI or Stoch to change its color according to its direction. My broker charts used to give out all its lines like that, be it EMAs, MACD, RSI, Stoch etc..... Take an example of simple momentum indicator and show me...
  8. shanki99

    AFL to show High and Low price of candles

    Can someone plz help me with an AFL to get a label on top and Bottom of each candle specifying the High and Low price of the same? Just the last 2 digits with 1 decimal point is enough (bcos of space constraints) Like as shown in the picture... This wud be really helpful for scalpers...
  9. shanki99

    NF tick data for 21Jan2010 to 02Feb2010

    Someone Plz help me by sharing NF and BankNF futures TICK data for the dates between 21Jan2010 and 02Feb2010. Those who dont know how to export in Ami Analysis>>Automatic Analysis Pick the below mentioned saved Export Query Select Symbol as NIFTY Fut/ Banknifty Fut In...
  10. shanki99

    Simple AFL to draw pre-defined lines

    Thanx for all the help from Forum members I have one more request Can someone post an AFL for the foll condition -- Draw Lines (dashed) for last 3 days Highs and Lows (Brown, Orange and Darkgreen) --Line (dashed) for Yesterdays Pivot Highs and Lows (Turquiose) --Line for today's High...
  11. shanki99

    How to Trim bad ticks??

    Guys I get lots of bad ticks, negative ticks, Volume as price ticks etc. Help me how to get away from that When i searched library, I got this htt p://w w w.a mib roker.c o m/library/detail.php?id=887 (remove spaces) But when i tried it, i cud not succeed to get proper data Help me
  12. shanki99

    Why it DOESNT show Buy Sell arrows??

    What is the problem with this simple code and why it DOESNT show Buy Sell arrows?? Title = "Bernstein MOM Close - Ref(Close,-7)"; GraphXSpace = 5; Graph0 = MA(Close - Ref(Close,-7),1); Graph0Style = 8; Graph0Color = 1; Graph1 = MA(Graph0,5); Graph1Style = 1; Graph1Color = 4...
  13. shanki99

    Free RT data from Google

    Hi Is there an utility which fetches data from Google in RT?? If not, why not those programming Gurus try and find a solution to fetch from RT intraday data feed from Google?? Rgds Btw iam 0 in programming
  14. shanki99

    A Simple query on AFL

    Some one plz help me I have little knowledge on AFL My query is how do we write an AFL for back-testing purpose-- 1. Buy ONLY when the High of the current bar is breached in the next bar 2. Make SL as below the low of the current bar (SL triggers only when the low is breached) In...
  15. shanki99

    Todays Best 5 Sell/Buy orders Summary

    I usually look at 5 Best Buy Sell order summary....but cud never understand it fully. In todays trade, at around 10 55, there was an order for 10,000 Banknifty at a price of 8585. That was a limit order at that price. When I looked at the corresponding NF chart, it was going down fast. U can...
  16. shanki99

    Banknifty Fut iEOD data

    Can someone share Banknifty Futures iEOD data for the period from 19Sep09 to 25Nov09 by just pressing the Export button in Amibroker I lost those data some time back To be frank iam a bit lazy to download those data, that too past data Those who help me, i guarantee them that i will...
  17. shanki99

    Automated Ascii Import to Amibroker

    Ami helpers Right now i save the data from my broker tool in CSV format and then go to Ami to import that data into ami using defined Format file. My query is how to get this automated using DDE or something?? Like making the Ami to import every 1 min or so? I referred the relevant...
  18. shanki99

    Anant ji plz help on Ascii importer Plz have a look at the above link, plz help me with a solution Rgds
  19. shanki99

    Consistent profits using Trendlines

    For all those who are fed up with fancied indicators-- I just use Trendlines on 3 min chart....i will post the chart with TLs Any one can decipher clearly how it works.....come back if u have Qs The horizontal lines are Pivots marked on 30 min TF...
  20. shanki99

    How to delete(or hide) Pivot point lines for past quotes?

    How to delete(or hide) Pivot point lines for past quotes? - Anantji plz help In Pattern Explorer, there is one pivot plotter by name "PE-PIVOTS". In that we can select multiple time frame pivot points such as 15 min, 1 hr, 4 hr, Daily etc. If i select that, it shows pivot point lines along...