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    Do Broker Orders to Stock Exchanges have Client Code with each order?

    Hi All I have a query. Does each broker order contain the Client ID for that order? Or does the broker simply fire orders & later match filled orders with clients? Can the broker switch the client orders if he so decides to cheat a client? Question here is the capability, not the laws or...
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    Bank Guarantees for Intraday trading limits

    Hello All I have a question. Do any brokers accept Bank Guarantees payable on demand and provide MIS (valid during the day order type, cancelled automatically at 3.15-3.20 pm) margin trading limits against them? If the investor has a good medium size share portfolio, say 10L and pays in any...
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    Anyone using Tickerplant Price, Fundamentals & News Data?

    Hello Is anyone using Date from They claim realtime data, full historical prices, financials and news. Salesguy compared themselves with bloomberg for fundamental data & news at Indian prices... Hope someone knows them ;-) Sanjay.
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    Multiple Trading Accounts with one NSDL Demat?

    Hello All We all sometimes change brokers, sometimes due to better rates, sometimes better service & other reasons. Many times rather than finally severe old relationships one keeps them inoperative and moves on with the new one, resulting in more than one operative trading account. Most...
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    Demat Agri Commodity Stocks

    Hello I am looking to buy a big amount of an agri commodity financed by Warehouse Finance Schemes of various banks, on a regular basis. However, the purchase is going to be in another state and shall be warehoused there. I am interested in depositing the same immediately with the delivery...
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    Help Requested: Getting Price Updates in Realtime Quotes but Chart not updating

    I am using IB Realtime feed from IB TWS through the IB connector in Amibroker. I am getting price updates in the Realtime Quote Window of Amibroker. However, the chart when started gets backfill from IB and draws itself, but after that does not update as new prices come in. I am posting...
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    IB TWS paper account feed & Amibroker

    I have connected Amibroker successfully (by successfully I mean that it shows a Green connected status in the statusbar) to IB TWS in my paper account login. However, Amibroker is refusing to recognize any symbols and also not getting any feed. It says IB is throttling the feed. I have gone...
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    Free RT Datafeed Software (Yahoo,Odin,PIB etc) Demand & Development Cost

    Hello All I have been scouring the forums for RT datafeed and it seems that the best way to get it free of cost would be to get Data from Trading Clients like Odin, PIB etc. or from Yahoo (Google too?) feeds. I find that to get these one has to buy some software or other which would get...
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    Question reg. Crop & Futures Arbitrage and Broker for same wanted

    I am interested to arbitrage by buying a grain crop, putting it into an approved warehouse, demat it and sell delivery based futures for it. And maybe sell covered calls. Is this possible, practically? Theoretically yes, but I have not got a single broker who wants to get in, even though I...
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    Accounting Entries and Taxation for Stocks & F&O-A thread for settling these issues.

    Hello All I intend this thread to be the bible for book-keeping auditing and taxation of stock and F&O trading operation. Please add your questions and answer whatever you can from the questions below. Can someone please advise regarding the following: In case, one buys or sells a...
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    Trading Strategy Consulting & Coding

    Anyone doing trading strategy consulting &/or coding for system based trading using any software on Indian Exchanges?
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    DMA Access for high volume trading?

    Anyone know of a broker providing Direct Market Access (DMA) access to high volume clients in India yet, since DMA has been allowed for over a year now?
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    Which software to use for automation with IB TWS API

    I am interested to know if anyone has experience of using IB TWS API with an Automated Trading capable software on an Indian Exchange. I tried NinjaTrader but it simply does not get feed from IB. Am checking out Amibroker now. Anyone know of any other software that can do this for Indian...
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    Newbie interested in learning TA & Trading Strategies

    Hello All I am a newbie to trading, tough have been a buy & hold investor for long. I am interested in learning Technical Analysis & Trading Strategies (Entries & Exits for semi automated buy/sell signal generation or fully automated trading) in full day intensive Classroom setting...