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    Multiple Time Frames in Single Sheet

    Dear Friends, Trading in line with higher TF has its own advantages. The detailed procedure is given by Alexander Elder by his famous Triple Screen Method. Its easy then to have multiple TFs in single screen especially in Amibroker. Starting a new thread for " Multiple Time Frames in...
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    Paper Trading Nifty Options Pair Sell

    Starting a trade to keep track of Nifty Pairs that I will be selling virtually :thumb: Its paper trading and purpose of this thread is just to study how the pair moves along with max pain and strike zone.
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    Important Posts by Smart Trade_ Part1

    Dear Friends, I am hereby starting a new thread to COPY & PASTE ST da's important posts. :lol: As we all know that using Traderji, we can only search for about 500-600 of last posts, so many of us will miss great posts previously posted by ST da. Also, after some time from now, if...
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    Gaur_Krishna's Diary - Daily NF Intraday Charts

    Hi Friends, Greetings from Gaur_Krishna Starting a new thread for NF Intraday charts only for archieves purposes. No discussions on system or MM or anything.... Only charts for future reference Regards, Gaur_Krishna