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  1. Akshay24

    Need BSE/ NSE live chat link

    Hello guys, Is there any live chat to discuss basic issues about stock with other people?? NOT necessary that other people are experts. Or should I join yahoo groups / similar groups? I want to learn and discuss with general investors like me. Your comments are always welcome...
  2. Akshay24

    [B] How to select Stock for short selling ? [/B]

    Good day traders, Is short selling safe? If yes then how to select stock for short selling?? I mean what characters make it ideal stock for short selling? and final one, What is an ideal scenario for short selling?? I searched over internet, but didn't find useful tips for this.. :(...
  3. Akshay24

    Bank shares on fire .. why?

    What happened to Bank shares on 1st January ..?? :confused: they suddenly went up....! Can someone please explain the reasons..? Your comments are most welcome..
  4. Akshay24

    Need software information

    Hello guys, Can you please suggest me any software for Technical analysis and to view the real time data of a stock. As I'm new in day trading. I am expecting to see candle stick chart / MA / RSI etc. Your comments and guidelines are always welcome. Thanks in advance :thumb:
  5. Akshay24

    Need guide

    Hello guys, I'm trying to learn Technical Analysis in stock market. I'm getting confused about where to get start and what are important tools in Technical analysis. Please share your views. Comments/Advices are always welcome, Thanks. :)