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    8 levels of a Day trader

    Levels of excellence in DT (17Sep21) 1. Make a technically correct entry + Let it traverse a good part of the TG 2. Make a technically correct entry + Let it traverse full TG 3. Make a technically correct entry + Let it traverse full TG + Scale in to buy more lot(s) at pullbacks/VWAP 4...
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    What is the "exact: logic of having circuit limits in F&O when these get relaxed when hit?

    The question is in title. Looking for insightful answer--not the general one provided on Zerodha, etc.
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    Has the Edge shifted?

    There can be 3 entries: Counter-trend, Anticipative PA, and Reactive PA. IMO, JL popularised RPA. An approach that was counter-intuitive at that time! But today, a majority of trading as RPA (i.e. when new H or L are breached). Hence, this trend is then likely to get exploited by smart...
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    Relation of psychology with "When" does one take more Beating

    There can be 3 entries: Counter-trend, Anticipative PA, and Reactive PA. A person who is by personality a contrarian, will feel disgusted when he takes a RPA entry and fails. But he will not feel disgusted when he takes a CT or an APA entry. A person who is by personality a "follower of the...
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    When, Where, and How of Equity Trading

    I am only 1.5 years old learner and experimenter in this domain. Trading is mainly a practical testing-ground for my theories about cognition. As I chase this domain, I keep on synthesising from the experience. Below is one such synthesis. It may seem simplistic--but I would like to believe...
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    Was it accumulation or distribution in Bajaj Auto at 4200 level today?

    Was it accumulation or distribution in Bajaj Auto at 4200 level today? I feel it was Distribution..
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    Ghaseeta trade: Why it took whole day for this trade to achieve its TG?

    Technically this seemed a sound trade to me. See long entry at 10:24. Question is: Despite being technically correct, why did this trade achieve its 1:2 TG only at the end? Why so much consolidation/sideways move, despite HHs and HLs being created? I call such trades as "Ghaseeta trades" out...
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    Why did this sock not go much above VWAP today despite a 1.4% 1st candle?

    Despite the 1st candle being 1.36%, the stock did not go much above VWAP. Why? Looking for direct and crisp answers--thanks!
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    Economics of Swing vs Day Trading

    Hi, I am looking to compare the basic economics between DT and ST. For example for DT I know the following (illustrative only!): pWin = say 60% Edge = say 1:2 Expectancy = say 80% Opportunity factor = say 1 daily Expectunity = say 80% daily Does anyone have similar tentative numbers for...
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    Is delta higher for Indices or Stocks?

    Hi guys, In practical experience, will delta be higher for an OTM Index or an OTM stock? I am finding delta to be higher for Nifty than say for Airtel. Thanks, Saurabh
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    What could make the Fed reverse its Monetary policy?

    This topic will mainly appeal to people who have some basic awareness of Macroeconomics and MMT. In links below Mohamed El-Erian says that the liquidity shall continue until the FOMC “loses control over long-term bond yields.”...
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    The longer the base the bigger the BO. Why?

    In this video Cathie Wood makes the above comment. See at 12:00 Can anyone please give thoughtful inputs on why this happens?
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    Trading seems to be a car with 4 gears

    Just sharing this video and 4 stages Mike Bellafiore describes. I find it very valid 3 Stages of Trader Consistency --> Sizing --> Breadth/Scope --> Sophistication [see around 3:40] Note these are not States (such as clueless, rookie, etc.) but Milestones on the Trading journey. No...
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    Why India has not produced a JL-level Trader yet?

    One question that intrigues me is: Why no great traders from India yet? US has produced so many: JL, Wyckoff, Gann, Keane, etc. Europe has Soros, Linda, Ricardo ( early economist). Japan has Munhasa (ancient rice trader). And what has India given: MM, HM, RJ, RKD, etc. But these I consider...
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    What caused this unexpected move?

    Hi all, Today I experienced an inexplicable move (at red arrow) in HDFC Life. It was giving me +1.7R in first 3min itself. I held on. But then it reversed sharply in second candle, and hit my SL (-1R). But then I entered again and gained +2R. But why did it first hit my SL? How could I have...
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    Pizza-ization of Trading?

    Guys, I am an ex-McKinsey strategy consultant who is late to Trading, but damn serious about it now. Reason: My belief that Trading is a domain where success is directly proportional to one's cognition. No people-management, no politics, etc. Since I am a consultant, I like forming and testing...
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    A lady's intuition and predicting explosive moves

    I once asked a lady how come ladies are always able to spot if someone is ogling at them. She reflected on my question a bit, and then told me that perhaps their mind just gets trained on spotting a binary situation: Does something feel right or wrong? IMO training our mind's neural network on...
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    "How" and "Where" does Smart Money trade?

    Dear members, My overall goal is to figure out what are the drivers of an intraday set-up failure. Within this over-arching question, I have 3-4 sub-questions. But, for now, I just want to pose one of those questions: How/where does smart money (i.e. Institutional Investors, etc.) trade? As...
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    Looking to make a mark in Trading!

    Hi everyone, I am extremely pleased to be a part of this forum. I discovered Trading quite late in life (am 45 years old), but feel that this domain will be very suitable for me. Since this is the only domain where you are rewarded based on the "objectivity" of your cognition. I hope I will...