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    Understanding Gilt Fund's Mechanism

    Opening this thread upon request of Vikas Rawatji , to continue the discussion on GILT funds, which was started in the thread "New to Forum - Advise needed on my SIP". Continuing the discussion forward. The reasoning behind my interest...
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    How far in the future is this AFL Looking ?

    Dear Friends, I am posting below "BoonC Peak 'n Trough V 1.1" AFL. The results obtained by the Automatic Analysis of Ami is giving outstanding results, because of which I feel that this is looking into the future. It may not be true, But if it is , then how many bars is it looking in the...
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    Anybody Using xFeeds Realtime Data for AmiBroker

    I have been using xFeeds RT feed for some time. Their application seems to be light and simple, without much installtion problems. Logging in also is very simple. Only problem is appearing in communicating with them. Subscription is 550 pm. Anybody else utillising their services please...
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    Let's Discuss Tips Provider Service Frauds Here.

    There are many TIPS PROVIDER SERVICES, and it becomes quite difficult to choose one of them from the lot available in the market. General procedure adopted when searching for a true provider is to check for their past performance. But when the past performance also turns out to be a fake. Then...
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    Best intraday tips provide in nse

    There are many experts on the Traderji forum. Following them, will be the safest investment.
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    Introducing Myself to the Forum

    Hi Everybody, I have recently joined Traderji Forum to discuss share market issues. I am trading in the market since 2005. I have been taking advice or tips from various consultants. So far I can say I am in no loss and no gain. Everyday trying to improve myself. Hope this forum helps me in...