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  1. StanHansen

    Happy Pongal 2021

    Hi, Sanjit. Welcome to the forum!
  2. StanHansen

    Which movie you watched recently?

    Snatch by Guy Ritchie is a great criminal comedy.
  3. StanHansen

    Looking to make a mark in Trading!

    Welcome to the forum. What you think about bitcoin tho?
  4. StanHansen

    Introduce My Self

    Hey Victoria. Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet ya
  5. StanHansen


    Bitcoin almost reached $50k and fell down immediately. It's interesting to see such a storm with crypto these days.
  6. StanHansen

    Introduce My Self

    Hey, my name is Stanley and I'm here to learn additional information about trading, especially all things related to gold.