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  1. Smart_trade

    Where Will Nifty Be in 1 month after the budget 2020 ?

    Let us see how bullish or bearish the traders and investors are while going into the budget 2020....All can participate in a poll.....everyone has a right to be wrong..:D This is just a fun recommendations.... Smart_trade
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    Equity Hybrid Funds

    Hybrid Funds are balanced funds and they can be equity oriented or debt oriented.In hybrid funds asset allocation between equity and debt is adjusted periodically .So in rising market,equity profits are booked and put in debt and in falling markets equity investments are added and debt is...
  3. Smart_trade

    Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai left for his heavenly abode

    Our past Prime Minister Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Behari Bajpai has left for his heavenly abode.One of the great Parliamentarian,RSS swayamsevak and pracharak,a BJP leader who had friends from all parties ,a strong patriot,great orator,a very decisive and tolerant leader who kept nation above his...
  4. Smart_trade

    Elections,results and effect on the markets.

    We can discuss election and its effect on the markets here. Smart_trade
  5. Smart_trade

    Re: Day trading Nifty & Stock Futures

    DMart IPO closing can apply on line also through BSE website. Smart_trade
  6. Smart_trade

    RIP Late J.Jayalalitha

    Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Smt J.Jayalalitha left for her heavenly abode last night.....May God rest her soul in peace. Smart_trade
  7. Smart_trade

    Discussion on Economic and Political News and Views

    Opening a new thread for members to discuss various political and economic news. Smart_trade
  8. Smart_trade

    Re:Reliance 4G data pod

    Reliance 4G data pod received today. No instruction don't know how to connect/use. ST Edit : Sorry,posted n wrong thread.Will move the post once I open the laptop.In IPad it is bit difficult.
  9. Smart_trade

    How Will The Market Behave Near And After Fed Meet In Mid December ??- Traders' Views

    Fed meeting is scheduled on 15-16 December 2015. How will the world markets and Emerging Markets and Indian markets behave post Fed meet ? Traders can share their views with reasoning. But be "tolerent" with every view... Looking forward to some good discussion. Smart_trade
  10. Smart_trade

    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

    Our most loved past President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has passed away.India has lost a great scientist, a true leader and her great son. He will always remain in the heart of every Indian. Traderji forum ,Admin and members salute him with very high respect. Smart_trade
  11. Smart_trade

    Equity Mutual Funds,Real Estate and Gold- Comparative Study of Returns

    Some interesting read : Smart_trade
  12. Smart_trade

    Taxation Discussion

    Today being last day of the 2014-15 financial year it is also a last day for filing last year's ( 2013-14) Income Tax Returns. One very important piece of advice a very seasoned businessman gave me many years ago is NEVER HIDE YOUR INCOME declare all income and file your IT...
  13. Smart_trade

    General Posts

    Starting a thread where members can post their feedbacks, suggestions and other general posts. Smart_trade
  14. Smart_trade

    What % age appreciation you see in the Sensex after 5 years term of Modi Govt ??

    This is a thread where we have a poll and we can express our views in the form of posts. This is to assess how much appreciation market participants see after completion of 5 Years term of Narendra Modi led Government. Smart_trade
  15. Smart_trade

    TJ Extras

    Starting a new thread under words of wisdom section. There are many posts posted in Daytrading Futures thread and these posts are good and informative but not pertaining to topic of daytrading. We will shift those posts here instead of deleting so that members can see these posts but at the same...
  16. Smart_trade

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence day to all our members. Independence for a trader means independence from loosing periods, failures,lack of self confidence, lack of confidence in public...more than half the problems of trader members will be solved if they make consistant money in the markets. Losses give...
  17. Smart_trade

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence day to all our members. The remaining part of the post shifted here : Smart_trade
  18. Smart_trade

    Stocks for Investment in 2014 for medium term 1-3 years

    I attended a lecture on Budget provisions and stock market direction in 2014. This was from a reputed investment analyst who has a good record for picking winning stocks. The list for next 1-2 years investment is as under : 1) Bharti Airtel buy around 335-340 target 440 2) BHEL buy around...
  19. Smart_trade

    Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year

    Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year Moderators and Admin of Traderji wish all our members a Happy Diwali and a Very Prosperous New Year.Let everyone scale new heights of trading success, prosperity, peace and happiness in the coming Samvat. Smart_trade
  20. Smart_trade

    Stamp Duty on NSE Derivatives Contracts

    We all pay stamp duty on NSE derivatives contracts but I was under the impression that the rate of stamp duty payable is as per the stamp duty applicable in the state in which broking house is registered. A friend of mine who stays in Maharashtra has opened a trading account with a broker...