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    Remove extra signals without ExRem

    Need a time based removal of extra signal. Say, after buy signal don't plot any other buy signal on chart till next 15 minutes. Without using ExRem. Can any master AFL programmer help? :confused:
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    My Trade Journal

    Hi, After a very long time i am going to start writing my own public trade journal. Just going to put in my trades (mostly positional) here but not discuss my system. Trading only 1 lot in Nifty Futures (Positional). 1st trade Bought NF @ 7435 Stop loss @ 7415 (doesn't trigger...
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    Need NSE Futures IEOD - Year 2015

    This is a huge request. Need help with IEOD 1 min data of whole futures segment for whole year 2015 and Jan 2016. FXgood has posted a lot of data but i tried using his futures 2015 and found it to be corrupted. :( Can someone please help ? :confused:
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    User Review: TradePlusOnline

    I have had the worst experience with TradePlusOnline among all the brokers. These guys don't work ethically at all. First, they have 2 different accounts. The usual trading account and another is their SMP (Subscription Management a/c). If by chance / mistake you sent money from trading...
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    Delete Quotes that have time-seconds value of 00

    Delete Quotes that have time-seconds value of 00 ------------------------------------------------------- Can anyone help in modifying below script (by Ami's TJ), to delete only those quotes that have time-seconds value = 00. Example, if time value = 12:31:59, correct value if time...
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    NSE NOW - Is this normal ?

    1. NOW throws Authentication Dialogue requiring re-entering of password RANDOMLY or if trading frequently / changing trade direction frequently in same scrip (This is bad :annoyed: :annoyed::annoyed: software should ask for password only at the time of login -- or once at first trade...
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    Search Feature

    Hello Mods ! Is there a way to search for "Most Thanked Posts" / "Most Read Threads" / "Most Thanked User IDs".. And if yes, subscribing to such "User ID" feeds. Thanks
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    Get Auto Trading Plugin

    I have an auto-trading plugin (works with NEST - not tried on any other platform). If any one is interested in sharing the cost with me in return for the plugin then throw a shout on radiosilk at mail dot com
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    Tops Bottoms - Pivot Hs and Pivot Ls - How to pass on value

    Hi, I am trying to highlight Pivot Highs and Pivot Lows on the chart. For which i am using this simple code: pivh = H > Ref(H,-1) AND H > Ref(H,-2) AND H > Ref(H,-3) AND H > Ref(H,1) AND H > Ref(H,2) ; pivl = L < Ref(L,-1) AND L < Ref(L,-2) AND L < Ref(L,-3) AND L < Ref(L,1) AND L < Ref(L,2)...
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    Time Axis Color - Small Help Needed

    Can the Time-X Axis / Text Background color be adjusted using afl code (without changing Background color in Preferences Window)? Hi, My screen is glossy which results in lot of reflection during day time and hence head and eyes ache. This happens only if my Amibroker Background is Black...
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    NSE Futures - 1min IEOD Data

    Hi, You can get NSE Futures - 1min IEOD Data from the link mentioned at the end of this post. ----------------------- READ ME -------------------------- What is this data ? Amibroker database ( 1min IEOD NSE Futures ) that has been zip-splitted. Nifty Futures data since Nov2007 Bank Nifty...
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    IEOD 1 Min -- Nov13 to Feb14 -- FNO Data Needed

    Hi, Is it possible for anyone here to provide IEOD 1Min data for FNO Segment for the period Nov13 to Feb14 ? Will be grateful for your help. Thanks.
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    Bulk Update of Category in Existing DB

    Anyone knows how to update "Market" category for all stocks in existing db? Tried updating using a csv which has 2 columns (a.)TICKER (b.)MARKET I tried using the format to import : ------------- $FORMAT TICKER,MARKET $SEPARATOR , $SKIPLINES 1 $NOQUOTES 1 ------------- But the Market remains...
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    Volume Data Missing - How to Skip Calculation When V is missing/ is 0

    Hi, Can it be coded to skip calculation when data is missing ? Such as if (V==0) ; //check volume is 0 or more Do we need to use "FOR Loop" here for every bar ?? If yes, then my understanding is that then the entire formula will have to placed inside that FOR Loop. That will be a lot...
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    My Trading Strategy Needs Coding

    Hi, Below is my simple strategy. Request to write AFL for same. AFLs of the components are available on net and on Traderji. I buy when Volume Zone Oscillator, VWAP and SuperTrend all are positively in Buy Mode. And do wait for reverse signals on all 3 to initiate a Short. Tried to put...
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    Ehlers Instantaneous Trend Ribbon - Help Pls!

    Hi Dev-Traders, Can anyone please create a Multi-TF ribbon of this Ehler's Trend ? All i know is that one can use "inhourly" / "indaily" / in15mins" etc to code. But how to do it !!?? Please find the code below.. will be grateful if any expert can modify the code to show several...
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    How to code this Strategy ?

    Hi, First of all thanks to the teachers on the forum (especially Saint). I am just a new learner (obvious from my posts). Hence, request all the senior members to help. I had tested a strategy which had given good results on chartnexus. Strategy is: "N-days-Breakouts". The AFL has more...
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    How to Hide Running / Developing Candle till completion

    Hi Friends.. During RT, Is there a way to keep the running / developing candle hidden till the candle actually completes its time-frame ? (or probably of a different color (say, grey color). Hope someone can help. Thanks a lot !